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Group Description Join Link Members count
Pets - Shelters and Rescues

assist shelters and rescues use Drupal for adoption and rescue of domestic pets

Join 39

This is a group for drupal lovers in Nottingham

Join 16

Zambia Drupal Users

Join 16
Activism module

Planning and developing the Activism framework for Drupal 7

Join 31

Community discussions around OpenScholar distribution

Join 287
DUG Bremen

Local Drupal User Group in Bremen, Germany

Join 27

Its for nepalese people, for interested in drupal

Join 35

A group for all drupalers leaving in Togo (West Africa)

Join 13

Local User Group for the region SAARland-LORraine-LUXembourg

Join 45

Workspace for discussion, debate, certifications within, and the continuing development of the Drupal Guilds and Open Guilds.

Join 75

Drupal user groups from Cordoba, Argentina

Join 52

Druplers in Tanzania

Join 15

A meeting point for users who reside in Barcelona.

Join 115
Chennai Drupal Group

A group of Drupal users and developers in Chennai

Request membership

Group for Drupal users and enthusiasts in Rwanda

Join 19
Sri Lankan Drupalists

Sri Lankan Drupalists

Join 116
West African Drupal Users Group (WADUG)

WADUG is a volunteer IT support group that would enable free flow of support and exchange of ideas in the open source community.

Join 43
Drupal Worker Cooperative

Discuss and template a worker cooperative model for Drupal and Open Source software operations.

Join 106
Twin Cities Ubercart & E-Commerce

Ubercart users group for the Twin Cities area of Minnesota (Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding area)

Join 62
Drupal And Git

Follow the lead of, and upgrade your own processes to Git

Join 356
CSS preprocessors and compilers

A group for learning about CSS compilers like Sass (Compass) and Less CSS, sharing examples and discussing Drupal integration

Join 105 Testing Infrastructure

A working group around's automated test infrastructure:, PIFR modules, testbots, and the like.

Join 129
Titanium API

A group for drupal developers using Titanium API to create Drupal based i-phone/android apps.

Join 244

using Drupal for museums

Join 149

Group devoted to gather drupal developers, designers and enthusiasts in Ghana

Join 40
Small Business

A working group to implement drupal distribution as IT solution for small business and small business website

Join 206
Drupal For Law Enforcment

A group to address the unique needs and uses of drupal for law enforcement agencies.

Join 28
Drupal Coimbatore

Drupal Group for Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

Join 69
Northern Colorado

Drupal user group serving Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Windsor and the greater Northern Colorado area.

Join 96
中国 - China

Drupal 中国用户组 - Drupal users in China

Join 441
Dominican Republic

Group for Drupal users in the Dominican Republic. Grupo de usuarios de Drupal en la República Dominicana

Join 29
Using Open Data in Education

This group is dedicated to identifying sources of open data, and documenting best practices around the use of open data.

Join 111
Richmond, Virginia: RVA Drupal Users

A group for Drupal users in and around Richmond, Va

Join 94
Ventura Drupal

For Drupal users and professionals in Ventura and Ventura County.

Join 68
Activism Labs

Activism Labs is a set of grassroots project management tools and modules developed originally developed for as part of Google Summer of Code 2010

Join 15
El Salvador

Grupo de Usuarios Drupal de El Salvador

Join 39
Rochester & La Crosse

For Drupal users in SE Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa regions.

Join 36

A Drupal Group based in Japan that translates documentation into Japanese.

Join 18

Merced Drupal Users Group

Join 14
Inland Empire Drupal (IE DRUPAL)

Group targeted toward the Inland Empire in Southern California

Join 105

Bellingham, WA Drupal Users Group

Join 58

A group for Drupal users & developers in Puducherry & Auroville, India

Join 39
Drupal Fit

A group for people who are interested in fitness-related discussions and activities at conferences, in their local Drupal user groups.

Join 207
Quickstart Drupal Development Environment

Quickstart: A pre-packaged Drupal Development Environment

Join 320
Drupal for Microfinance

Using drupal in the field of microfinance- MFI

Request membership 31
Drupal for K-12 Schools

A group to discuss Drupal as a website platform in pre-college school settings.

Join 146
Drupal Sports & League Management

Discussions about running a website focused on providing services to sports clubs and leagues.

Join 176

A Group for members of public California Universities to promote Drupal adoption statewide

Request membership 55

Lethbridge Drupal Users Group

Join 16
Florence, Italy

For users of Drupal based in Florence, Italy

Join 23
Drupal Products

Best practices to use Drupal for products and software as a service.

Join 72
Drupal in Higher Education

A place to discuss Drupal in Higher Education

Join 690
Drupal Rainbow

A group for gay/lesbian/bi/trans/queer/intersex Drupalistas

Join 215
LMS (learning management system)

A group for coordinating various efforts to build LMS's in drupal

Join 445 Git Team

People who maintain and expand the Git infrastructure on

Join 292
Web Services and Context Core Initiative

Turning Drupal into a first-class REST Server

Join 564

A Group for Namibian Drupal Users, Developers and Themers

Request membership 3
Basel Drupal Group.

Giving consultations on installing Drupal and getting started in the Basel City and Basel Land Canton of Switzerland.

Join 40
Drupal Jeddah

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia based drupal groups

Request membership 10

বাংলাদেশে ড্রুপল CMS টিকে জনপ্রিয় ও ড্রুপল বিষয়ক সমস্ত কার্যক্রম পরিচালনা করার জন্য উক্ত গ্রুপটি নিবেদিত

Join 69

Martinique User Group

Join 10

Integrating Drupal and XMPP

Join 157

A group for Drupalers in and around Savannah, Ga

Join 24
Project Management Module

A group to discuss and support the Project Management set of modules (previous name: Storm)..

Join 240
VoIP Drupal

We are building a framework to integrate Drupal sites with regular phones and Internet-telephony systems.

Request membership 310

Organizing space for Drupal users in the Palestinian Territories

Join 41
Google Summer of Code 2010

A group to help coordination around the 2010 Google Summer of Code

Request membership 225

Are you or your users using Drupal in Cambodia?

Join 23
Drupal Persian

Drupal's Persian/Iranian Users

Join 108

Oxford (UK) Drupal Users' Group

Join 115

Mentoring and Learning Drupal in Kansas

Join 60
LDAP integration development and modules

Group dedicated to people interested in development of integration modules between drupal and LDAP

Join 123
Albany, NY

A group for people using Drupal in the Capital District region of New York

Join 201

Luxembourg Drupal Users

Join 35
West Virginia

West Virginia Drupal group

Join 42

Drupal user group from Floripa magic island , Brazil

Join 17

Drupal user's in Senegal. Come join us and enjoy some of our "téranga"

Request membership 91

Drupal users and developers in Ceará (Brazil).

Join 21

Missouri users, developers and themers

Join 67
Suisse Romande (Switzerland Romandy)

A group to connect all the Drupal users in Romandy. Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Fribourg, Bienne Neuchâtel...

Join 210
Drupal Slovenia

Drupal users and developers in Slovenia.

Join 91
Vienna / Austria (Wien / Österreich)

Vienna (Wien) based Group

Join 52
DrupalCon Brasil 2010

Esse é o grupo de organização da proposta da DrupalCon Brasil

Join 51

OpenPublish Community

Join 821
Contrib Development Best Practices

Help for contrib developers on best practices and problem-solving

Join 112
Northern Arizona

A Drupal user-group in Northern Arizona

Join 42
Kolkata (Calcutta)

Group for Drupal Users, Designers and Developers in and around Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), India.

Join 159
Drupalcamp Portugal

The base for Drupalcamps that take place in Portugal

Join 48

A place for young drupallers to meet each other.

Join 132

Working group for making Drupal do HTML5.

Join 996
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