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Group for the development and use of Drupal and it’s modules with Guyana’s limited communication platforms

Join 18
Drupal Churches Home

Using Drupal to build church web sites.

Join 705
Drupal for Activists and Campaigns

Issues and ideas relating to the use of Drupal by activists and campaigners

Join 324
Benchmarking Drupal

Benchmarking Drupal, new code vs older code, Drupal vs other CMS'es and the impact of Drupal modules and themes on the performance

Join 208
Huntsville, Alabama

Drupal users from North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley including Huntsville, Alabama.

Join 63

a group for people using Drupal to host Indymedia sites to discuss ideas and share code.

Join 125
Drupal for Good

Group for those using Drupal in the nonprofit world

Join 865
Summer Training India

A group for interns in the summer training India program

Join 77
Designers and Information Architects

A group for Drupal users to discuss the design of Drupal powered sites

Join 623

Italian Drupal User Group

Join 256
Classifying and presenting the contributed modules and themes

Project repository for Modules (Themes, Engines & Languages)

Join 55
Web Scraping

pulling content from HTML pages for import into Drupal

Join 253
SOC 2006: Unit test automation

Test automation group

Join 28
Drupal PHP Extension

Creating a PHP Extension module implementing all Drupal core functions

Join 83

Discuss user data tracking and analysis using Drupal and third party tools.

Join 309

Grupo de Utilizadores Portugueses do Drupal

Join 342
Northwest Ohio, USA

Toledo and surrounding areas of Ohio

Join 73

Drupal user group for Calgary Alberta Canada

Join 135
SoC 2006: Imagemagick

This is a SOC Imagemagick group

Join 13

Planning and coordination for Drupal-based webcomic management tools

Join 74
Las Vegas, Nevada

For all those placing bets on Drupal.

Join 127

Marketplace Group offers a Drupal Services Marketplace for Drupal Project RFPs, Website Ideas, Solution Designer/Consultant/Everyone's offers!

Join 455
Nashville, Tennessee

Drupal fans grouping regionally.

Join 132
SoC 2006: Content Recommedation Engine

Group consists of those interested in a content recommedation engine. Currently, one is being authored by Scott Reynolds for Google's Summer of Code

Join 59
SoC 2006: Collaborative Editor

The main goal for this project is to create a new framework to implement multi user edition using AJAX into Drupal

Join 32
SoC 2006: GData

This group is about the GData module for Drupal that is being created as part of SoC 2006 project

Join 22
Content migration, import, and export

Discussion of best practices and tools for moving data into or out of Drupal

Join 366
SoC 2006: DruTeX

a powerfull LaTeX module

Join 79

A group for Florida based Drupal people

Join 588
Content Construction Kit (CCK)

development group for CCK

Join 938
Latin America

Latin America Drupal community

Join 325
SoC 2006: Gradebook

A working group for the SoC 2006 Gradebook/Assignment project

Join 29

French Community Group

Join 645
Mid-Atlantic USA

A group to coordinate activities and resources in the DC<->NYC corridor of the USA.

Join 270

Gathering point for Norwegian developers and designers.

Join 155
Peer Review

A group for website developers, themers, designers to get feedback on modules, themes, projects

Join 162

-as in community building. How to go about it. How to do it with Drupal. Etc.

Join 692
SoC 2006: AJAX Form Builder

This is a working group to provide guidance and support to the SoC Form Builder project, being worked on by Avi Mehta (silence)

Join 66
SoC 2006: Views Scheduler

A working group to discuss the upcoming views scheduler (summer of code 2006)

Join 24
SoC 2006: Social Networking Analysis Tool

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Join 88

Drupal по-русски

Join 207

This is the place to discuss Drupal in Sweden and in Swedish.

Join 1,182
SoC 2006: Admin Usability Improvements

The list/repository for the Drupal Admin Usability Improvements project (Summer of Code 2006.)

Join 29
SoC 2006: XUL-based Drupal Manager

Remote configuration modules and XUL administration interface.

Join 33

Mobile development issues and Drupal

Join 1,015
Testing and Quality Assurance

For talk about testing frameworks and other quality assurance initiatives.

Join 441

How Drupal can be used in the enterprise

Join 419
Western Massachusetts

Western Massachusetts Drupal Group

Join 260
Montreal, Quebec

Groupe d'utilisateurs Drupal de Montréal, Québec / Montreal, Quebec Drupal users group

Join 575

Discuss advertising and Drupal sites.

Join 273
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Discussing optimizing Drupal sites for search engine visibility and ranking

Join 1,069

Ames, Iowa USA - user group

Join 175

Egyptian Drupal User Group.

Join 101

A group for Drupal Users & Developers from India.

Join 1,033
Drupal Camp Seattle

Come join us at Drupal Camp Seattle, June 27th and 28th

Join 170
Profiles as nodes

Build a module or moduleset that uses nodes for profiles.

Join 570

Drupaleros argentinos unidos

Join 480
RSS & Aggregation

Working on the improvement of the RSS/ATOM aggregation provided by Drupal.

Join 432

Drupal Ottawa User Group (developers, users, managers, public servants, clients)

Join 315

CiviCRM and Drupal

Join 556

drupal + civicrm + canada

Join 91

A Drupal Users' Group for Seattle

Join 855

A community interested in leveraging Drupal for musicians and music publishers.

Join 607

Drupal-sisällönhallintajärjestelmän suomalaiset käyttäjät.

Join 48
Unofficial Drupal Roadmap

An unofficial roadmap for the upcomming release of Drupal

Join 110
The Netherlands / Nederland

Nederlandstalige Drupal groep, focus op markt en hulp

Join 489
Knowledge sharing developers

How to enhance Knowledge sharing via Drupal

Join 131

Working group for the Drupal UX team.

Join 1,260
United Kingdom

Promotes Drupal from Land's End to John O'Groats

Join 788

Wisconsin Drupal Users

Join 301
LAMPuniversity (e-learning application of Drupal)

e-learning aspects - integration of Moodle, Civicrm and Drupal

Join 190
Portland (Oregon)

The main Portland Drupal Users Group (DUG) for Portland, Oregon

Join 958

Polska grupa użytkowników i administratorów drupala.

Join 227

Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group (CDMUG)

Join 738

The Greeck Drupal Users Group.

Join 67

Philippine Drupal Users, Developers, Enthusiasts Group

Join 684
Czech Republic

Drupal users from Czech Republic

Join 107
North Texas / DFW

Dallas / Fort Worth Drupal Community, including the surrounding North Texas areas.

Join 372

Welcome to the Austin Drupal Users Group!

Join 599
New York City

NYC Drupal users group

Join 2,583

Geographically-based group for Irish Drupallers

Join 366

A central place for all German speaking Drupal users and developers

Join 595
Central Ohio

A Drupal User Group for people in Central Ohio. Serving Franklin, Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, Pickaway, Madison, and Union counties.

Join 254

Working on making Drupal more accessible to users with disabilities and unusual browsers

Join 591
Location and Mapping

This group is focused on web mapping, cartography, GIS, and anything geospatial in Drupal.

Join 1,235

A working group to discuss AJAX and Drupal

Join 802

Learn, teach, and coordinate creating screencasts about Drupal

Join 209
Issue tracking and software releases

Discussion about issue tracking, software releases and related functionality in Drupal

Join 384
Event Management Systems

A working group for improving systems for managing events

Join 515
Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Drupal Users Group

Join 104
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