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Boston, MA USA

Join 1,505

A group for discussing the upkeep and maintenance of this site

Join 214

Vancouver Canada League of Drupallers

Join 879

Toronto Canada Drupal Users Group

Join 869
File API

A special interest group focused on the File API and file operations

Join 244

A special interest group focused on dealing within images

Join 418
Drupal Event Organization

Gathering group for all Drupal event (camps, conferences, user group meetings) organizers

Join 590
Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

Drupal User Group for Colorado (USA), especially Denver, Boulder and the greater Front Range area.

Join 952

The Danish Drupal Users Group

Join 221
Washington, DC Drupalers

Drupal users group for the Washington, DC area

Join 1,856
Consulting and Business

Consultants and businesses that use and develop with Drupal

Join 1,449
DrupalCon Brussels 2006

Organizing group for Euro OSCON 2006 and related Drupal activities

Join 51
Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, Michigan Drupal Users' Group

Join 238
SF Bay Area

A group for San Francisco Bay Area Drupal meetups, events, users, and developers

Join 1,339
South Africa

The South African Drupal User Group

Join 322
e-Commerce Module

A Special Interest Group for Enhancements and Development of E-Commerce Project

Join 995

Australian Drupal Users Group

Join 1,323
Köln & Bonn

A users group for Köln/Bonn, Germany

Join 208
Form API

You have an idea how to make form API better?

Request membership 54
New Zealand

New Zealand Drupal Users Group

Join 318
Views Developers

People interested in the development of Views, Views API and modules that utilize Views.

Join 1,282
The Marketing of Drupal

A group for the Drupal Marketing Team

Join 673

Drupal users group Rhein-Neckar

Join 79
Theme competition administration

For individuals and institutions interested in participating in the Theme Comp

Join 69
Curriculum and Training

Development of open courseware for Drupal training, and discussion of training opportunities

Join 625
Comunitat catalana del Drupal

Catalan Drupal Users Group

Join 93

For discussion about

Join 459

Für alle Münchner, die Drupal lieben

Join 243
Theme development

Discuss and develop improvements to the theme system including including theme functions and templates, CSS, markup

Join 1,678
LinuxTag 2006, Wiesbaden, Germany

Planning group for LinuxTag 2006 in Wiesbaden, Germany

Join 10

Translation and internationalization of Drupal

Join 515

The Brazilian Drupal Users Group.

Join 1,382
Voting Systems

A working group for voting, rating, and recommendation system developers

Join 254

A special interest group to discuss mail modules within Drupal

Join 289
High performance

Scalability and performance for high traffic sites powered by Drupal

Join 2,531
Relationships & site structuring

A working group to discuss relationships, metadata, categorizing, and site structuring

Join 360
Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Drupal Users Group

Join 104
Event Management Systems

A working group for improving systems for managing events

Join 514
Issue tracking and software releases

Discussion about issue tracking, software releases and related functionality in Drupal

Join 384

Learn, teach, and coordinate creating screencasts about Drupal

Join 209

A working group to discuss AJAX and Drupal

Join 801
Location and Mapping

This group is focused on web mapping, cartography, GIS, and anything geospatial in Drupal.

Join 1,234

Working on making Drupal more accessible to users with disabilities and unusual browsers

Join 590
Central Ohio

A Drupal User Group for people in Central Ohio. Serving Franklin, Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, Pickaway, Madison, and Union counties.

Join 254

A central place for all German speaking Drupal users and developers

Join 594

Geographically-based group for Irish Drupallers

Join 366
New York City

NYC Drupal users group

Join 2,581

Welcome to the Austin Drupal Users Group!

Join 598
North Texas / DFW

Dallas / Fort Worth Drupal Community, including the surrounding North Texas areas.

Join 372
Czech Republic

Drupal users from Czech Republic

Join 107

Philippine Drupal Users, Developers, Enthusiasts Group

Join 684

The Greeck Drupal Users Group.

Join 67

Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group (CDMUG)

Join 737

Polska grupa użytkowników i administratorów drupala.

Join 227
Portland (Oregon)

The main Portland Drupal Users Group (DUG) for Portland, Oregon

Join 957
LAMPuniversity (e-learning application of Drupal)

e-learning aspects - integration of Moodle, Civicrm and Drupal

Join 190

Wisconsin Drupal Users

Join 302
United Kingdom

Promotes Drupal from Land's End to John O'Groats

Join 788

Working group for the Drupal UX team.

Join 1,259
Knowledge sharing developers

How to enhance Knowledge sharing via Drupal

Join 131
The Netherlands / Nederland

Nederlandstalige Drupal groep, focus op markt en hulp

Join 489
Unofficial Drupal Roadmap

An unofficial roadmap for the upcomming release of Drupal

Join 110

Drupal-sisällönhallintajärjestelmän suomalaiset käyttäjät.

Join 48

A community interested in leveraging Drupal for musicians and music publishers.

Join 606

A Drupal Users' Group for Seattle

Join 854

drupal + civicrm + canada

Join 91

CiviCRM and Drupal

Join 555

Drupal Ottawa User Group (developers, users, managers, public servants, clients)

Join 315
RSS & Aggregation

Working on the improvement of the RSS/ATOM aggregation provided by Drupal.

Join 432

Drupaleros argentinos unidos

Join 480
Profiles as nodes

Build a module or moduleset that uses nodes for profiles.

Join 569
Drupal Camp Seattle

Come join us at Drupal Camp Seattle, June 27th and 28th

Join 170

A group for Drupal Users & Developers from India.

Join 1,033

Egyptian Drupal User Group.

Join 101

Ames, Iowa USA - user group

Join 175
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Discussing optimizing Drupal sites for search engine visibility and ranking

Join 1,068

Discuss advertising and Drupal sites.

Join 273
Montreal, Quebec

Groupe d'utilisateurs Drupal de Montréal, Québec / Montreal, Quebec Drupal users group

Join 574
Western Massachusetts

Western Massachusetts Drupal Group

Join 260

How Drupal can be used in the enterprise

Join 419
Testing and Quality Assurance

For talk about testing frameworks and other quality assurance initiatives.

Join 441

Mobile development issues and Drupal

Join 1,013
SoC 2006: XUL-based Drupal Manager

Remote configuration modules and XUL administration interface.

Join 33
SoC 2006: Admin Usability Improvements

The list/repository for the Drupal Admin Usability Improvements project (Summer of Code 2006.)

Join 29

This is the place to discuss Drupal in Sweden and in Swedish.

Join 1,181

Drupal по-русски

Join 207
SoC 2006: Social Networking Analysis Tool

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Join 88
SoC 2006: Views Scheduler

A working group to discuss the upcoming views scheduler (summer of code 2006)

Join 24
SoC 2006: AJAX Form Builder

This is a working group to provide guidance and support to the SoC Form Builder project, being worked on by Avi Mehta (silence)

Join 66

-as in community building. How to go about it. How to do it with Drupal. Etc.

Join 691
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