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Group Description Join Link Members count
Tricity Drupalist

Goal of this group is to bring drupal lovers from tricity (Mohali, Chandigarh & Panchkula) for knowledge sharing and community contribution

Join 16
African federation

Federate Africa Drupal regional groups

Request membership 30

This is a community for Drupal'ers based out of Kochi

Join 54
Drupal North Regional Summit

Drupal North is an annual regional summit to promote the Canadian Drupal community.

Join 48
Burkina Faso

To promote the use of Drupal in Burkina Faso

Request membership 44
Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada Drupal Group

Join 24

For Drupal developers, themers and site builders in Yorkshire

Request membership 32
Gujarat, India

A Drupal user group for everyone in Gujarat & those organisers who want to invite this region to their events.

Request membership 49

Le groupe de la communauté Bordelaise de Drupal

Join 35
León (Spain)

Local Drupal users group in León, Spain

Request membership 25

Drupal Göteborg [Gothenburg Drupal User Group]

Join 26

Sharing events and news from Hungary

Request membership 61

Shenyang Liaoning , China (辽宁沈阳) Drupal User/Developer Community

Join 17
Gensan Drupal Users Group

Drupal users group in General Santos City, Philippines.

Join 46

Omsk Drupal Group

Join 21

A Drupal user group hosting meetups in Bakersfield, California. Focused on, but not limited to using Drupal in K12 settings.

Join 35
Public Sector Exchange

Drupal Public Sector Exchange brings the leading experts and visionaries together to discuss the future of Drupal in the UK Public Sector

Request membership 54

Drupal Gruppe für die Region Hunsrück

Request membership 3
Itä-Suomi / Kuopio

Drupal user group Kuopio, Finland. Drupal for beginners to professionals and everything between.

Join 14
Lancaster PA Users

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Drupal users group meeting regularly to discuss all things Drupal, mostly from a user and admin perspective.

Request membership 19
Akron Area Drupal User Group

We are Drupal users in the Akron, Ohio area, focused on learning, discussion, and showcasing work.

Request membership 1
Western Maryland DUG

A Drupal user group serving the Western Maryland area.

Request membership 10
Basque Country

Basque Country drupal group

Request membership 22

Drupal developers in Extremadura

Join 44
DUG Gyor

The Drupal User Group Gyor is a local user group from Gyor, located in the north-west of Hungary.

Join 8

Drupal group Montpellier

Join 23

Local Drupal Community in Bahrain

Join 26
Rio Grande do Norte

Usuários e desenvolvedores Drupal no estado do Rio Grande do Norte/Brasil

Join 5
La Paz

Drupaleros La Paz Bolivia

Join 19
Drupal Sao Paulo

Grupo de Usuarios de Drupal do Brasil

Join 18

Welcome to the Yellowknife drupal group!

Request membership 11

Drupal communities in Balkan region speaking BCMS languages.

Join 78
San Gabriel Valley Drupal

A Drupal user group serving the San Gabriel Valley.

Join 69
Thunder Bay

Geographically based community for drupal discussions

Request membership 16
University of Texas at Austin

Drupal users and developers at the University of Texas at Austin

Request membership 28
Drupalistas Rome, Italy

A group of international professionals living and working in Rome with the common interest being Drupal

Join 64

Siberian community of Drupal developers, Russia

Join 39

Users from chandiagrh can join this group

Join 26

Drupal users group for Melbourne, Australia

Join 210

Redding California Drupal Group

Join 19

Castilla y leòn (spain)

Request membership 23

For everyone living in Malta and supporting Drupal

Request membership 6

Designers & developers in the Delaware/Delmarva region.

Join 52
Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD)

With several weekly and monthly events, the Greater Los Angeles Area is one of the most active areas for Drupal in the world.

Join 601
Drupal Wyoming

A user group for Wyoming Drupalers

Join 21

Drupal in southwest of germany.

Join 19
Drupal Kent UK

A monthly meetup group for those afflicted with the Drupal in Kent UK

Join 20

Bacolod user group

Join 14

This group is for Drupal users living in Liberia.

Join 17
Cote d'Ivoire

Cote d'ivoire drupal users group - Users groupe des utilisateurs de Drupal en Côte d'ivoire

Join 22

A German group for all users from the area around Dresden/Germany.

Join 18

Group For Moroccan folks in Casablanca city

Join 26

Belgian Drupalers who meet in Braine-l'Alleud, near Brussels

Request membership 42

Local Drupal user group for Michiana (South Bend, Indiana and surrounding counties)

Join 48

Drupal people in Málaga (Spain)

Join 89

A group for core Drupal users who are located or related to Mongolia.

Join 21
Himachal Pradesh (India)

Group for Drupal community in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India

Join 58

Grupo de Usuarios Drupal de la Costa Atlantica Colombiana

Join 8

Regional group for Drupal users in Angola

Join 20
Northern Mexico

Drupal User Group for Northern Mexico

Join 51
Drupal SGF

A local users group for the Southwest Missouri area.

Join 27

A group of Drupal Developers in Botswana.

Request membership 1
Lehigh Valley

Drupal group for the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton area.

Join 71

Somali drupal users and developers fro across the world

Closed 13
Brazos Valley

Brazos Valley Drupal Users Group serving Bryan / College Station, Texas and surrounding area

Join 18
Chico / Butte County

A group for Chico Area Drupal meetups, events, users, and developers.

Join 42

A place for Drupal users in and around Chengdu, China of all skills to meet and share ideas.

Join 56
South Sudan

Drupal Group for Southern Sudan and its Neigbouring Countries

Join 6

A group for Kazakhstan Drupal-Specialists

Join 17
Leipzig (Germany)

Community group for Drupal users in Leipzig (Germany)

Join 53

Users Group in the Triad Area of North Carolina

Join 48
Drupal Gdansk

Gdańska grupa zrzeszająca wielbicieli Drupala

Join 45
Timor Leste

Community group for drupal users in Timor Leste (East Timor)

Join 21
Ulm (Donau)

Drupal-Group Ulm (Germany)

Join 28

TN Drupal Group, LLC is a new not-for-profit entity based in Nashville, dedicated to fostering local Drupal group activity throughout our state.

Request membership 51
Drupal California

Drupal California is working group for Drupal users, organizers, service providers and evangelists in the State of California

Join 298

Toulouse based. Meet up to socialize and discuss all things Drupal (Midi-Pyrénées, France)

Join 68

Drpal community at Bhopal in India

Join 86

Drupal developers from Tanzania

Join 24
Tri-Cities, Tennessee

Tri-Cities Drupal Community to exchange ideas, improve your skills and socialize.

Request membership 11

Russia/Tambov region Drupal Users Group

Join 9

A group for Auvergne based (future) Drupal users

Join 23
Southern Illinois DUG

Drupal Users Group to exchange techniques

Join 29

Group for Drupal users and enthusiasts in Northeast India

Join 42
Asturias (Spain)

Regional group for drupal users from Asturias (Spanish province located in the north of the country)

Join 38

Drupal in Hannover and southern Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen)

Join 23
Paris Drupal Users Group

A group for Drupal Users based in Paris to connect with each other

Join 90
Long Island

Long Island New York User Group

Join 145
Terre Haute, Indiana

Wabash Valley Web Guild (WVWG) Drupal Implementation Specialists

Join 12
SF Peninsula

Bi-Weekly Drupal group to meet up on the San Francisco Peninusla.

Join 121
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