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In a recent IRC chat with chx, self and webchick, we agreed that a Package Manager for Drupal is now feasible and really needed.

This group is the place to discuss and collaborate on the Package Manager project before and after release.

Everyone is welcome to join the group and help us with any ideas.

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A critical look at the implementation of Plugin Manager - Underlying issues and possible solutions

I have been harboring some growing concerns about the direction of the plugin manager integration proposals for Drupal core almost since their inception, but have not been able to make an informed opinion on the subject until I had properly reviewed the proposed system on a much deeper scale.

While my impressions of the project and the current implementation are fairly negative, I have aimed to frame my criticisms in a positive constructive manner because I believe that the goals of the project are worthwhile, and that for a large section of users this could be a very flexible and usable solution.

Unfortunately a lot of my concerns have been well founded, and I believe that the implementation of this system needs to be taken in a different direction for it to be able to succeed in its goals, while not negatively affecting projects like Aegir, Open Atrium and many other ‘serious developers’.

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Let's make some noise!

It seems it has been awhile that this idea has sat in the barn, now lets make the push to get it going for Drupal 7!

Has any development been done yet? I envision something similar to the Debian/Ubuntu package manager where you can simply search through a repositories page and put a check next to the package(s) you want to install. Then hit install and it will take care of any dependencies you need as well.

Another cool feature would be updates. It would be able to provide a list of modules which have a new version out and everything can be upgraded at the click of a button.

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