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Welcome to the Portland, Oregon Drupal Users Group. We have two official meetups every month.

1. Meetings take place every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6pm. Upcoming meeting dates and locations are:

2. Brewpal takes place on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5pm at the Lucky Lab in NW Portland (1945 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97209). We meet, work on our projects, and ask questions of our neighbors with no formal agenda.

No need to RSVP, the meetings are open to all.

We're on IRC in #drupal-pdx on freenode.net

We're also on Slack in #Drupal-pdx.

JetBrains sponsors our meetup by raffling away 1 free PhpStorm license every meetup (2nd Wednesday).

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Drupal Assistant Needed

I landed a few contracts with bay area clients that needed me to set up some drupal installations for them. I'm looking for a local (Portland) assistant to 1099 to. Low-impact, easy work, but you need to be available. What would be most helpful is if you were also good with xhtml/css and maybe graphic design. Especially if you could receive an html design and then make a drupal template out of it, or spruce up an existing custom template. I can handle all the more advanced stuff like custom php development and modules, although there will be opportunity to some of that stuff if I get busy enough with other work and need to hand it off. Maybe around 5 hrs/week to start, could be more. It should be ongoing work. Contact me here.

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Portland meetup up with Dries

2006-10-24 17:00 - 20:00 Canada/Pacific

Did you know Dries is going to be in town?

Tuesday night is free for him, so hopefully some folks can make it out. I've put 7pm as the suggested time, we could do a bit earlier as well.

Update: set to 5pm at the Rose and Raindrop.

P.S. Sorry for parachuting in to the group...I'm going to be in town to see Dries and he doesn't have time to organize anything. I have no idea on locations. On Monday night, I'm going to a Geek Dinner at the Blue Moon Tavern. Dries is staying at the Marriot Courtyard, so something vaguely in the vicinity would be good.

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Portland Drupal Meeting for October?

I was hoping to get involved in the Portland, Oregon, drupal group. I heard that you had meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, but I didn't see anything listed on the groups.drupal.org website. Will there be a meeting this Tuesday (Oct. 10, 2006)?

What is the time and location of the meeting?

I live about two hours outside of Portland, but would drive in for the meeting.


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Planetwork networking dinner September 27

2006-09-27 19:00 America/Los_Angeles

Hi all. I attended some of these monthly planetworks functions in SF, and they were very interesting. It's oriented towards techology and social consciousness. I think I'm going, and I'm sure anyone working for nonprofits, social networks, etc might find it interesting.. for more info check their website at http://www.planetwork.net/

Portland Networking Dinner
September 27th, 7 pm
Laurelwood NW Public House
2327 NW Kearney Street Portland, OR

Drinks around 7 dinner 7:30-8 (when a critical mass arrives we will order)
Kaliya Hamlin Planetwork's Network Director will be in Portland and is convening this dinner to support connecting amongst the socially consious tech crowd.

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ISO local Drupal user for help with site navigation

I am looking to network locally with someone who considers themselves "well seasoned" in regard to Drupal navigation schemes. Basically I’d like to get together over coffee/beer at a location that has WiFi so I can show you my site and pick your brain.

I’ve been experimenting with taxonomy and the Category module, but neither seems to fit my needs just right. Or perhaps I am not using them to their full potential. I have a few additional requirements around permissions and content posting, both related to navigation, that I’d like to brainstorm on.

This is my first Drupal project, although I am seasoned developer type.

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September PDX Drupal Meeting

2006-09-12 18:00 - 20:00 US/Pacific

After taking a month off, we'll have another Portland Drupal Users Group meeting at FreeGeek. Since the code freeze happened on September 1st, the focus of the meeting will be on looking at the new features of the upcomming 5.0 release.

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Wednesday Drupal day @ OSCAMP

We are organizing a days worth of Drupal related sessions at OSCAMP being held in conjunction with OSCON 2006 in Portland Oregon tomorrow. This will be a free event! Come spend the day hanging out, learning, and collaborating with others Drupal'ers in ad hoc sessions. If you are attending please edit this page on the OSCAMP wiki and put your name down and add suggestions for Drupal sessions if you have any.

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I am trying to quickly organize a 'Drupal Day' at the OSCAMP unconference being held in conjunction with OSCON in Portland.


I would love some help. Anyone in Portland or attending OSCON available to help organize a days worth of relatively unstructured Drupal activities?

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Seattle Drupal Camp Next Week

I just wanted to make sure that folks in the )ortland area are aware of the Seattle Drupal Camp next week on wednesday and thursday. We have room for 40 and there are 24 Registered now. The event is free and fun and will include copiuous amounts of.... Hacking!

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Portland Drupal User Group Meeting (July 11th)

2006-07-11 18:00 America/Los_Angeles

I think a few of us will take a module and walk though how it can be used. Nothing too fancy.

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Like a job... but without all that pay

Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Web development (PHP/MySql/Drupal) Internship
Application deadline Monday, June 12th

Overview: The Bicycle Transportation Alliance seeks a part-time intern
to assist in the development of a new Bike Commute Challenge
website. This site will leverage the open source Drupal content
management system, which runs on a PHP/MySql platform. Among the
intern?s core responsibilities will be developing the module(s) which
will enable the core site features and integrating them into the rest
of the website. This project is guided by Lev Tsypin (of Level OS;

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Portland Drupal User Group Meeting (June 13th)

2006-06-13 18:00 - 20:00 US/Pacific

Meeting Topic:
Presentation on the OpenID single-sign-on http://www.openidenabled.com/openid/about-openid

FREE GEEK -> Community Technology Center -> 1731 SE 10th Avenue -> Portland, OR 97214 -> 503-232-9350
Tuesday, June 13th, 6pm-8pm, then pub.

Meeting Desc:
Jonathan Daugherty will be giving a presentation on the OpenID single-sign-on protocol including usage of their PHP OpenID API and details on how OpenID can be used by Drupal.

So what is OpenID?
OpenID is a URL based identity system. An OpenID identity is simply a URL, and all the OpenID specification does is provide a way to securely prove that you own that URL.
Unlike most identity systems, OpenID is completely decentralized. The end-user may choose whichever server they are most comfortable with, and may even run their own if they choose.

Free and open to the public. Most likely hit a near by pub afterwards.

See you all there,

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Planning DrupalCamp Code Sprint near Portland July 19th-23rd

Update: We are still planning on holding this code sprint, but at different dates. We are actively working on lining up funding currently.

After talking with a lead Plone developer the other day who told me that code sprints are by and large hugely productive events for the Plone community I've decided to throw my hat in the ring to help organize one for Drupal.


The rough plan is to get a dozen or so serious Drupal hackers together for 3-5 days. Attendees should show up with a pretty good idea of what they want to work on and hopefully will be tackling problems that are best solved collaboratively. Every night we will go around and demo what's been accomplished during the day. If Drumm can come we'll have him help cook pancakes and big hippy/vegan dinners. We'll also make sure to have some fun outdoors.

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