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Drupalcamp Timisoara 2010, Romania

2010-06-05 (All day) - 2010-06-06 (All day) UTC
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Drupal Romania Association ( currently organizes its first major event, the Timisoara 2010 Drupalcamp, taking place during 5th and 6th of June, 2010. Registration is now open, and we will launch the call for submissions soon.

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A luat fiinţă Asociaţia Drupal România

Comunitatea utilizatorilor, dezvoltatorilor şi pasionaţilor de Drupal din România anunţă înfiinţarea Asociaţiei Drupal România.

Citește comunicatul de înființare al asociației:

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Map on group front page


what is the map about on the front page?

Best regards
Radulovski Ivo

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Creating a Drupal Image gallery with Flex - e-seminar

2010-02-05 10:00 - 10:30 Europe/London
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Hi guys,

We are working on creating an image gallery with Flash and Flex/ActionScript which will be open source and placed on in the modules section, and are currently in the code review phase. We wanted a bit of feedback from the community before posting this on the Drupal site, so we are having a 30 minute e-seminar to present the module and gather some ideas. If you would like to join and help make this better, please register at this address:

The registration is just for us to estimate the size of the Connect room needed.

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CCK are nevoie de ajutor pentru versiunea 3.X

Se pare ca branch-ul 6.3.x si portarea pe D7 a modulului cck are ceva probleme. Personal am folosit multigroup si cred ca e un pas important pentru CCK. Ar fi pacat sa nu ajunga la un release stabil. Din cate am citit pe acolo momentan e un singur tip care munceste markus_petrux. Dar mai bine cititi si voi.
Mai multe detalii aici si aici
Ar fi frumos sa incercam macar. Ce spuneti ?

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Romania Group Management

[English version]

Acest post este o aplicare a Abandoned Groups: Policy for Deleting a Group or Changing Its Manager.

Acest grup nu mai este practic administrat de mai bine de 1 an şi jumătate. Ultimul articol legat de comunitatea românească a fost publicat în 27 iunie 2008 ( anunţând în România... DrupalCon Szeged :-(

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Drupalcamp Timisoara/Romania 2010

2010-06-05 (All day) - 2010-06-06 (All day) Europe/Bucharest
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

This is the first Drupalcamp in Romania. We are expecting people from Romania and nearby countries but any drupaler, from anywhere, is more than welcomed.

Timisoara is located in the western part of Romania.

Soon we will provide detalis on the event website.

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Drupal developer | Medicast

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are developing a video Drupal site and looking for long-term engagement. Tasks include theme integrations, API integrations and general PHP and Javascript development.

thanks -

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Drupal Romania pe irc

Salutare tuturor drupalezilor! daca sunteti interesati sa luati legatura cu altii din romania care lucreaza pe Drupal ne putem intalni pe IRC pe canalul #drupal-ro , bineinteles in reteaua FreeNode :-)
poate in viitorul apropiat, cu o comunitate mai strans legata, o sa avem un drupal mai romanian-friendly

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City selection for DrupalCon 2010 still wide open

Please note that the list of cities from (as per the BoF in Paris) is just a list of possible suggestions. Please see the draft document that has been proposed for city selection guidelines:

The goal is to publish that document at the end of this week (after incorporating feedback from the community) and to start receiving city proposals immediately after that. Since we need to have recommendations to give to the Drupal Association by October 15 the proposal phase will have to be short. The proposal phase will probably end October 1. After that we will have the proposals reviewed by the events agency to gather their feedback in time for the October 15 deadline.

If you want DrupalCon in your city/country in 2010 please review the document and add your feedback!

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Drupal Developer | Trexle

Employment type: 
Not allowed


I need an advanced Drupal developer and preferably a designer or a team to clone a reference site into another domain with more features and with a different design. I have the PSDs designed already so I am only looking for templating that design with a few simple modifications.

Because of privacy reasons I cannot disclose the reference site on public. Actually they are two reference sites belonging to the same company and they are based on an in-house developed CMS but we decided to have the 3rd site - that this job is posted for - to be powered by Drupal CMS.

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Drupal Programmer - ASAP Site Development | V9 Design

Employment type: 
Full time


We are looking for an expert Drupaler to start immediately on a Drupal site. The project is a jobs site -- employers can create accounts and post jobs, workers can post their resumes and apply to jobs.

We have full specs documentation as well as all of the main views designed and coded in HTML/CSS.

We have the site fully planned because we spent a couple months working with a programmer who didn't know Drupal, until we realized we needed to get someone new. Now we need to re-build the site from scratch.

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Drupal is going East, meet the Ukrainian community!

Over the weekend of August 28—29 another big Drupal event will gather Drupallers in Kyiv, Ukraine, for gaining and sharing knowledge, as well as discussing all Drupal related topics.

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Social Innovation Camp - Central and Eastern Europe

Hello everyone!

Let me invite you to participate in Social Innovation Camp - Central and Eastern Europe (SICCEE), which will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia this September!

Social Innovation Camp uses the web to solve real life problems. It brings together talented software developers/designers and social innovators to build effective web-based solutions to social problems -- and all in the course of 48 hours!

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Le tour de Drupal

It is for a good cause, and Drupal is part of it.

Chris and John are doing a charity bike ride called Le Tour de Drupal from London to Paris arriving just in time at the start of the DrupalCon Paris 2009.

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T-shirts, so many t-shirts...

and this year's conference t-shirt is...

you know it already anyhow! :-)

Congrats for the Drupal Invasion in Paris.

Only local images are allowed.

We will take a blue t-shirt (somewhat close to your background) or any other suggestions?

Thank you to webdevil and jburns, who were close.

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Drupal Association: European communities summit (at Paris DrupalCon)

This Paris DrupalCon BoF is for representatives of national and regional Drupal communities in Europe.

Topics include:

  • Getting support from the Drupal Association

  • Future DrupalCons in Europe.

Please leave comments on the Paris site.

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Rooms at the venue available

I just received news that rooms at the venue are available.

There are 35 in total.
8 standard rooms
27 comfort rooms

Standard Room
Shower and WC to be shared in hallways. There is a sink in the room.
60 euros (without VAT) / room / night

Comfort Room
Shower, WC in the room.
75 euros (without VAT) / room / night

If the attendee is a student, the VAT is non-applicable, otherwise 5,5% VAT applicable.

The tariff includes:

  • Internet access in room
  • Telephone in the room (pre-payment system)
  • Bed cover
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T-Shirt Contest Opened for DrupalCon Paris 09

It has already become a tradition in the Drupal Community.

So, of course, you will not be missing out on showing your designs to everyone. :-)

Please read the following guidelines.

The Contests

There are two.

  • Conference T-Shirt
  • Limited Edition

So be sure for which one you are submitting your proposal, as the requirements vary.

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PayPal down, Early Bird +1

Since last night, PayPal refused to let you go through with your registrations.

It is fixed now, and you can go ahead with the Early Birds.
Due to this delay, we add one day to the deadline, which is now July 13th.

This also means, that the voting on sessions will be prolonged one day (same deadline), as otherwise you did not have a chance to vote.

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