Welcome to the Seattle Users' Group!

The SEADUG meets regularly (at least once a month officially) to talk about Drupal, to plan Drupal events like Drupal Camp, and have some Drupal Fun. During SEADUG meetings we showcase modules and projects. Share tips and tricks and answer nagging questions about Drupal. We've discussed possible "barn raisings" for worthy organizations or code sprinting on modules.

This is a geographic Drupal User Group meant primarily for planning local Drupal related events and meetups, and supporting users locally.

PLEASE do not post job offers in this group unless they are local to Seattle. Any job posted to this group that is not in the Seattle/Puget Sound Metropolitan Area will be promptly removed.

If you are a consultant or vendor providing Drupal services in the Seattle/King County Metro Area ONLY, please add your name to this post.

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Seattle Drupal Meetup

2006-08-02 17:00 - 20:20 US/Pacific

Come to the second Seattle Drupal User Group Meetup! (it is sort of the first, and sort of the second, and some might say the third, but you should come regardless!)

We will meet at 5pm at Red Line located at 1525 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122 (that is in Capital Hill, right near summit).

Bring a laptop, a question, a site you want to demo, an open mind and anything else that you think might be useful or interesting.

The meeting will be rather informal, but here is a crack at a draft agenda

Meeting Schedule and Locations for the next few months

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When should we get together for a User Group meeting? (5 to 8pm)

Tuesday July 25
0% (0 votes)
Wednesday Jul 26
55% (6 votes)
Thursday July 27
36% (4 votes)
Can't make it any of these days, maybe next time
9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11
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Drupal Developer Needed

Meant to mention this request for a drupal developer on Robert Scoble's blog from yesterday (for a friend of his) -- leave a note in comments on his blog if you are interested -- details are at --

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Drupal Camp Seattle Agenda

June 28 & 29, 2006
Location: Richard Hugo House

Drupal-Camp Seattle is an opportunity to learn about the Free and Open Source Drupal Content Management System ( This community driven event will focus on the PHP Theme Engine theming system, theme-able functions, Drupal 4.7 modules, module development and CiviCRM.

Who Should Attend:

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Potential Locations for Drupal Camp Seattle

Some ideas on space:
Seattle Public Library: ballard branch or central branch (

The Community Living Room ( The Community Living Room is located at Phinney Ave North, in Fremont. It is the former Redhook Brewery, at the SE corner of 35th & Phinney, between 36th and the canal. It's the first door in the red brick building on Phinney just south of 35th under the sign, "Brewery Tours & Offices". There is a pay lot across the street if you can't find free street parking.)

Richard Hugo House: (referred by sam moscheck) (i have contacted som

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Drupal Seattle Camp

Thought I'd post this here to get this group started :)

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