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I am new to Drupal - Help me in SEO

Hi friends,

I am new to Drupal. I just like to know what are the basic steps to be followed in Drupal to create a search engine friendly website. Hope will hear from all of you.

I have already had a review on - This was very helpful. Anyhow I want to learn more.

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Cost/Benefit Analysis of "Category" Module for Search Engine Optimization?

I've been reading a lot of threads about the importance of the "Category" module ( for search engine optimization (SEO).

As I understand it, the Category module enables a webmaster to control the (1) body text, (2) meta description, and (3) page title included on category/index pages (pages which are otherwise NOT nodes). Because category/index pages are the most likely (other than the home page) to be ranked high by Google, this enables you to tweak these three elements for superior search engine placement.

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Drupal's 404 Error Handling

I wanted to raise the flag on a potential SEO problem with Drupal 4.7.5 and Drupal 5.0 with regards to 404 Page not found.

The issue has been discussed in detail and several patches have been put on the table. Here's where you can have your say and get involved in the action:

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Module for 301 redirects from static pages?

I'm wondering if there would be a way to create a module that would do 301 redirects from static pages to Drupal pages.

That is, if I have a site constructed of old html pages, and I upgrade the client to Drupal, I am in theory faced with having to cut and paste the content from the old page into a node form of some sort. This is fine.

However, in order for the page rank of this old html page to be maintained, I need to point SEs to the new node rather than the old page.

Would it be possible to do this with a module?

Relating to this:

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SEO Checklist

Here's my first pass at a 'checklist' for Drupal & SEO. I know some or all of this has been covered elsewhere, but I'd like to see a simple list. If a good one exists elsewhere, please provide a URL and we can just point to that.

For instance, what modules and configuration are 'must have' for SEO purposes? (I'll add links as time permits)

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Changing a page's URL alias breaks existing links. "would be nice" if a module could track and provide 301 redirects

Currently, when you use a URL path alias to an existing node, and later decide to change the URL alias, the old path 'breaks' - so, if you have an older page that has inbound links from, say, Google search or some web directory, people will get a 404 error - not good for SEO or building traffic, in my experience.

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Duplicate content issues

Hey folks,

just joined here and know quite a bit about SEO already, implementing Drupal sine 4.6

One of my major issues & concerns still is, that altough we have path_alias and path_auto to create nice paths for us,
they are only aliases for the original nodes...

This means the aliases are STILL accessible, so we get multiple urls like these two in a simple node alias

effective today one could start to rank for both pages, as the "old" node path is not redirected properly (with a 301) to the alias. This could also mean that the "good" path (which does convert better, is better memorized ) could be burried in the SERPs

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Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft unite behind sitemaps standard

See here:

There is now a very compelling reason to polish (and use) the sitemaps module that we had developed in 2005 as a Summer of Code project.

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Internationalization Use-Cases, Actors and Feature Requests

I am a web architect and a system analyst. Now, I've translated Drupal To Hebrew and initiated the creation of a drupal community in Israel. Following Gábor Hojtsy's request, Here is a use-case analysis of my expernece from the Hebrew Translation of Drupal, and with it's implementation on tens of sites, with indexation for search engine relevancy.

Recently, I've tried the Internationalization module on two of my sites, but gave it up and decided to wait for a later time. Problem is that i18n is not yet compatible with many other modules. I am a heavy user of taxonomy / category modules. The i18n module is a big step forward, but more work is needed. I need language specific taxonomy with menu integration. On one site, I have tried to use the taxonomy module, but found that the vocabulary names are not translated (nither in the node entery screens nor in the menu). On the other site, I tried to use the new category module but discovered that the node input form (and the menu) displayed all categories without language distinction.

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Let's create a site!!

First - I want to ask why we can't turn on subscriptions here on groups.drupal? We apparently have taxonomy_breadcrumb and a few other "non-core" modules working. We have 64 subscribers, and nobody knows when posts are updated here without coming back each day (which I get few of the 64 do). I think with subscriptions on we'd get a lot more participation.

Ok, enough of that. I would like to know who here is interested in participating in the mock creation of a drupal web site optimized for SEO. What I mean is - let's collectively write a cohesive plan for setting up the most optimized site possible.

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Drupal search engine optimization is a full time job

Well, I just found about this group (and today, and I've been using Drupal for over a year! I see this group for SEO has 59 subscribers, and yet I hadn't seen any posts from any of you on seo in the main drupal forums. Why is that? If I had seen mention of this before, I would have joined as soon as I found out - and there are questions that people are asking all the time about SEO in the main forums that deserve answers. I've been trying to answer all the ones that I can find.

I posted twice in the last month in the main forums to solicit input regarding an article I wrote on my web site: How to Optimize a Drupal web site for Google and other Search Engine Crawlers. I was surprised to find I didn't get a shred of feedback. The post has been viewed almost 1,200 times on my site and I've not gotten any feedback there either.

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Drupal seo mistakes


Drupal seo mistakes - I start this thread

Yet another drupal mistakes

1 - Admins can't control how the title of (between tags) the taxonomy and the vocabulary of his website.

The title module make a good job as we can change the title of every node, not for taxonomies and vocabularies, google gives priority to Title and description metatags.

If you just install the node keyword module, 2 - you need to edit your taxonomy and vocabulary terms to add description, that will make a good result in next google update...

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General Discussion thread on SEO

In this thread there is a bit of discussion about drupal "out of the box" SEO according to some rankings by sitening. I'm not sure how reliable sitening is, but it would be interesting to me to test out a couple popular themes, some different modules, some different configurations of those modules, etc. all on the same site and see which configuration scores the highest in their ratings.

Any takers? I may do it if noone else bites :)

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What modules can influence SEO in Drupal?

Here is a list of modules that I see as potentially influencing the SEO of your site. I'm not sure that all of them would help... like the Search 404 mod; what is the implication of not ever returning 404s? I'm just making this list to open up the discussion. I'm not and SEO expert, so don't take this as advice!

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