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Call for Sessions: Design 4 Drupal, Boston 23-25 JUNE 2017 at MIT

Open for Sessions Submit your talk here.

Design 4 Drupal, Boston is an annual web design event covering all aspects of design, UX, & theming for Drupal websites.

Back at MIT this year! MIT Stata Center at in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

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What is the best choice for small business?

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Drupal Modules for SEO: Content Optimization


I'm looking for a module to provide SEO tips about content optimization for content editors of a Drupal site who have low experience in the SEO world. I've tried the two most recommended modules for this task:

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Change title according to the filters selected by the user

1.Filter - Sort - Viewname - PageNum - Sitename
2.Filter1 - Filter2 - Sort(newest) - Sort(by price) - First page - viewname - sitename

How to make it ? Thx

Group filters only show value ID.

Similar q :

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Twitter Lead Generation Cards


Twitter is now offering a feature called lead generation. I created a Drupal module to make it as easy as possible to integrate this feature into a Drupal site:

You can learn more about lead generation cards:
* What are lead gen cards
* Setting up lead gen cards

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how can we prevent duplicated content pages ?

I have a banking corporate website. I am figuring out that how i can prevent the duplicate pages..?

Any guidance or help will be useful.

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Drupal Web Developer | IDMLoco

Employment type: 
Not allowed

We're looking for good people to work with that have a passion for the web experience. This someone should be willing to learn more about Drupal and is already versed in web core (html,css/sass,js,cms) and best practices. This individual could have the experience to navigate Drupal's many layers including Drupal's APIs, site building, custom modules and theme layer, but not required.

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Alchemy module discussion

I'm trying to get the Alchemy module installed on a shared hosting server. Not really sure how to add the API key. Any advice would be gratefully received. Also, is Alchemy the best way to go for keyword density in a Drupal environment or are there better solutions? Thanks.

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The Main Focus Upon Optimize Our Drupal Site?

Business Objectives
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SEO Tools Confusion

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Web Development | XHealth Report

Employment type: 
Part time

Senior Drupal Developer Required

We have to re-design our website and migrate it from wordpress to drupal. Please send your resume at our email address.

Technology Skill set :
• Core PHP, OOP in PHP, Drupal and knowledge of Zend Framework would be prefered.
• PHP concepts like mcrypt, mysql, mysqli, file IO, GD image processing, domXML, php object conversion into Javascript of XML
• Javascript, CSS , XHTML

• MUST have Built custom modules for Drupal or may have to integrate multiple modules to support the requirement of the project.

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SEO/SEM必备之“百度统计”/ Improved SEO/SEM in China with Baidu Analytics integration

Only local images are allowed.
百度目前占据着最大的中文搜索引擎市场份额(超过5亿用户), 百度工具的整合应用已然成为中国Drupal网站的重要装备。
百度统计模块是现在针对网络营销人员的最全面完整的开源解决方案, 可用于基于百度的流量优化。了解更多

Since the Baidu search engine is leading current largest country's search engine market (more than 500 million users), improved integration with Drupal has become a high stake for gaining more adhesion in China.
The Baidu Analytics module might now have become the most complete Open Source solution for Online Marketers to work on traffic optimization for the Baidu search engine. Read full English version.

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Drupal SEO advice for a novice

Hello all, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I fear the main problem I have is that our business outsourced the building of our website so gaining access to the code is limited to main content regions but I digress, here's my situation.

Our new website is currently on and is running alongside our original website during this transition period.

Our old site did ok on page rank in relation to our main products, I'm really keen to keep this performance when we move fully to the new site.

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Site Seo Problems - Thinking Maybe Move to Wordpress

I have launched a site that is now 9 months old , I had alot of problems that I fixed in the beginning , but even though my links are imo good and content is pretty good aswell the site doesnt seem to be getting any search engine traction.

3-4 Articles rank ok but I have a similar site in the niche with the same amount of articles that gets around 2k visitors a day. Can someone check out the site and see wtf is drawing it back.

Site is

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Two URLs to the same page listed in Google, ignoring redirect?

I was just checking some search results to one of my own sites, and found that searching drupal content translation spanish (without quotes) currently list two results (different URLs) to the identical content/page, currently shown at positions #7 and #8 on the Google results for me. But, the second URL listed is set up to redirect to the first (and I've checked the redirection is working correctly).

Now, I understood that Google would never do this. Am I just wrong, or have they changed something? Not that I have a problem with the page being listed twice :)

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[Drupal] hyperlinks are the cause of almost every result in Google’s top 20 results for the keyword “pay day loans”

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but its pretty interesting...


Drupal allows the posting of comments on articles posted. These comments allow some basic HTML by default, including hyperlinks. These hyperlinks are the cause of almost every result in Google’s top 20 results for the keyword “pay day loans”. The hyperlinks do not contain a nofollow attribute which means that a spammer may post as many links in these comments to the pay day site as they want, and Google will treat them as ranking links.

I know that everyone in this group probably enables antispam countermeasures on their sites (right?!) such as mollom, captchas, nofollows, etc.

That all being said, this author is correct when he states

Personally I find it amazing that Drupal does not include the nofollow attribute by default.

I tried to find a core issue request, but was unable to. Does one exist? I can't imagine that it doesn't :)

F'n spam...

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[OT] Project suggestion

Dear All,
I have been working in Drupal for the past many months and i am very much fascinated about it.Thanks to large community of Drupal
I am a post graduate student and i have to do a final project as a degree requirement, i have several option for doing my project,
But since my interest lies in Drupal and SEO and open source so i wanted to do something in this field only. My project will continue for 2 semester so i want to do something challenging and doable.

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how to avoid links like ?page=10

i have a panel page for the front. i look in to google via he shows me urls like
what is wrong ..but can access and crawls the urls ...thats dc and very bad for my seo. i think this is not usefull to add urls like this to the robots.txt will index it anway.
any help ?

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OG URL, node ID and best practice

I've been investigating the og:url tag and canonical URL's tonight in an attempt to wrap my head around the best practice for this.

We've usually always use the node/NID as the canonical URL as well as the URL used for facebook likes. It seemed natural since my idea of a canonical URL is that the URL is persistent. A URL-alias changes if the node title is altered.

However, after getting in SEO/Sharing-trouble with a website that uses node/NID as canonical URL as well as the og:url BUT also uses Global Redirect module (redirecting node/ID to its alias) I'm having second thoughts.

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Case study: BRIXS Group - An SEO Perspective

Hey folks,

I'm new to this group and wanted to say hi by sharing our case study with you:

Any input is welcome. Let me know what you think.

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