Small business peer group

When you are running a small business (typically fewer than 5 people involved ....but not necessarily so !) you have to be chief cook and bottle washer. Sometimes you come across business related issues peculiar to working with Drupal and being a small organisation and it would be great to have a group of like minded individuals you could pose your questions to.

By using the power of a peer support / mentoring group the small business can punch a little above its weight.

This group is there for the small business to tap into and both share and enjoy collective knowledge and experience.

This group is different to other groups out there that are either talking about packaging Drupal to best suit a small business or other groups that deal with not-so-technical aspects of being in the Drupal game that are, however, not scaled specifically to help the little company.

Topic areas

Here is a working list of topic areas which we could discuss in this group.
This is just a list - if you want to discuss a topic please don't do it here, just create a new post !
We're thinking of using this list to create a poll so people can vote on the relative priority of each.

Please feel free to add your ideas !

  • Insurance and indemnity
  • Finding work / prospecting
  • Contracts
  • What does “successful” look like
  • Best practice / recommended practices
  • Offshore resourcing
  • Delivering work when you’ve found it (resources and skills)
  • Invoicing
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An extra pair of hands

Another topic troubling me, which is somewhat linked to my post on ways of finding work, is how to get some additional help - an extra pair of hands.

There are many tasks I know I could delegate, particularly some of the mechanical tasks: marketing activity, research, testing, helping me develop services and propositions .... I should mention that I am very blessed that my partner looks after my bookkeeping - what a boon that is ! And she keeps me in check too ;-)

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Ways of finding work

One of the topics on my mind at the moment is how to find work. As a small business it can be hard to balance the time between delivering to existing customers and yet exploring any potential leads.

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How to find new business that's right for your business

Hi gang,

Welcome to our new group for Drupal people working in small businesses and micro-agencies.

My own company, Folk Labs has been going in various guises for about a year and a half, although we were founded three years ago. We were both part-time for the early stages.

So, the first discussion topic I wanted to raise was how you all find projects and new business which is the right size for your company. I am not a natural marketing expert and I am finding it tough to secure new projects which have a realistic budget and timeline and which fit our skill set.

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