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This is the group for people who want to discuss Drupal's social networking tools. These tools include modules like Buddylist, Organic Groups, Invite, FOAF, Private message, and so forth. Sites that currently do successful social networking are:

The goal of this group is to foster communication between the developers of Drupal's social networking modules, discuss roadmaps, and collect community input.

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Drupal developer |

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 
Allowed, rapidy growing web video community, is looking for Drupal developer preferably based in India (New York and other places will be considered too). We have talented team of drupal developers and you will work along the best. We pay top salaries and liberally award stock options. We are rapidly growing and we need someone to start as soon as possible. We give the best and expect the best. You must be a passionate individual willing to work in an entrepreneurial environment. At least 1 year of drupal and 3 years of PHP/MySql/Linux experience is desired.

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Citizen Media Summit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2007-01-01 08:00 - 2007-01-03 08:00 Etc/GMT+8

Ifra, the international technical organization for newspapers, is sponsoring a three-day summit/workshop on citizen media 2-4 July at the Park Royal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. The official description follows:

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Webmaster / Web Developer |


Ashoka’s Changemakers is looking for innovative candidates to join its growing team. Changemakers, an initiative of Ashoka, focuses on scaling-up high-impact social innovations to tackle the world’s most pressing issues, from human trafficking to climate change.

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developer | RoB

Employment type: 

I am looking for a drupal developer to assist me with the development of a social network powered by drupal. This would be a relatively simple site including basic social network functionality including profiles, groups, etc, a classified section, and a section that allows users to share content with one another.
I want to develop a simple site and quickly and will discuss compensation if you are interested in the project.

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an experimental platform

You might be interested in an experimental platform based on Drupal 5.1 that we are making for small linguistic entities. Basically it delivers the capability of speaking, along with reading, by introducing an added MP3 vocal file to all nodes and comments.

The english version is at a first running example in the piemontese language is at

We look for volunteer developers and translators to localize the platform into other languages, so feel free to add requests to join the alpha stage. Bear in mind that alpha really means alpha...

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Xing emulation

Check out (formerly OpenBC ?)

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LinkedIn emulation with Drupal - by Malaysians for Malaysians


Alhamdulillah, it's on. It is meant as professional and business networking and online community for serious people, specialists, doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs

Built with Drupal of course :)

We are working on it as we speak :) The site is hosted by the most trusted web server in Malaysia

This is not Myspace or Facebook type - the SN service is a serious project and the target audience is the professional adults and businesspersons

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Planning to Build a Social Networking, Educational, and E-commerce site

We are planning to build site that includes Social Networking, Educational Media, and an Online Store.

I see that is a Drupal site that does social networking. Is this the premier Drupal site doing social networking right now? Does anyone know how much customization is required beyond plugging in available modules is required to create something like GoingOn? Are there other Drupal sites as developed or more developed in social networking than GoingOn?

I would appreciate any information or thoughts on this.

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Developer/Project Manager | Evasion Ventures

Employment type: 
Part time

I am looking for Drupal developers interested in producing an identity game based in an online social networking system. I can provide for interested parties a pitch for a televised version that has been making its showbiz rounds about a week now. However, before you get the wrong idea about my intentions, let me assure you that the online game is not solely a vehicle for attracting the attention of producers and television audiences. I came to this idea while trying to conceive of the basis for an open source social networking platform.

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Facebook single sign-on module

Anyone have interest in a Facebook single sign-on module? We'll be working on this this week and wanted some development help and/or ideas. With Facebook's new application API this is going to be huge to allow Facebook users to seamlessly sign-in to Drupal sites for use in Facebook Applications.

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How to create a Social Networking Site like Orkut, MySpace using Open Source Drupal ?

Hi All,
After reading a lot of forums around and deciding to build my own social networking site, I have created a list of modules that I think we might need to build one:

I am working on the complete tutorial and probably, later a code base as well to be released back to Drupal community as I progress in my project.


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PM for Drupal & LAMP | InfoPeople Corporation

Employment type: 
Part time

We have a requirmenet for a part-time PM for one of our projects. The following are the details:

The skill and experience for the PM for the project to migrate website to LAMP & Drupal are:
• Experience with developing sites involving Drupal and LAMP
• Familiar with Drupal best practices
• Experience migrating Drupal to new versions and adopting new versions of APIs
• Experience migrating traditional web sites to CMS & Drupal
• Participates in activities of the Drupal user community (ideal but not essential)

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Openmusic:a barter Social Network for Musicians, Bands and Fans

Greetings fellow Drupallers!
I began working on OpenMusic, a social network that aims at letting fans help music artists. By giving appropriate roles to its fans - thus getting them involved - an artist can build a network of valuable friends where each can provide a service to help the artist.

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Let's Team UP 4 SNA module Drupal 5 Conversion!!!

Ok, here is the call, too many need this instead of waiting till June 2007 when the author wnats to upgrade it. He states that it is pretty much striaght forward to follow to drupal upgrade guide on its own.

Let's do a project for it and then we do it togather, since with 1000 eyes upon it the bug rate is low enough!!

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Moderating stories for a CitJ site

For an upcoming citizen journalism project we need to set up a moderation procedure for stories that is not cumbersome. Moderation can be done in many ways in Drupal.

Can anyone suggest the best module combo that can do this?


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How to build a good user profile page like Orkut or Hi5


i am looking for advice on how to create a good user profile page like Orkut etc, which will have the picture of the person..his friends pictuers and his communities and other posts etc..

has anyone doene this ?

can u share..on how this can be done?

also another feature is to have a large picture in the user page and a small one for the posts..thanks


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Allow action before requiring user signup (create node anonymously first, then prompt to register/log in)

Think this is the most applicable group. Prompting users to sign up before getting to see what your site is all about is super lame. Look at right now. You can create an event right off the bat, simple.

So for our Drupal rewrite I want to allow anonymous users to create nodes then have them register/login to user accounts in the same process as a secondary screen.

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Help make a 1.0 release of Buddylist

The buddylist module needs some love. I'd like to see it have a 1.0 release in the next week or so. To do that, I want to see this list of issues get some reviews and a lot more testing of the current 5.x-1.x-dev tarball. As you can see here, a number of patches have gone in recently, so the current code needs testing. Thanks for your help with this effort.

Social networking: Allow users to personalize their theme

I want to develop a module where a registered user can design their own theme (using a color.module theme) and upload their logo. Then, this theme and logo will be saved to the filesystem and will show on any of that user's full node page views (my usernode, my blogs, etc. all have my custom theme/logo). It's like MySpace except you have a controlled set of colors/logo, instead of slopping CSS into some About Me section.

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Youtube-like, with flash transcoding


I wrote a module derived from the drupal Video module to build a Youtube-like platform.
The site can be seen at

- Creative commons licenses support
- auto transcoding to flash flv (with ffmpeg), with load balancing support (transcoding can be done outside the web server). Video formats supported include mpeg, realmedia, wmv... In fact the ffmpeg supported formats
- support video and audio only

The transcoding part is done with shell scripts updating the drupal DB through the XMLRPC interface.

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