Drupal Sports & League Management


The Sports/League Management group is intended for questions, discussions, and solutions regarding the use of the Drupal in the management and operation of sports leagues and their websites.

Sports clubs and leagues have a similar set of requirements across most sports. These include player/member registration, scheduling, information distrubution, results reporting, etc. This page has been set up to list and discuss the various League-related modules in the Drupal contrib repository, as well as discuss solutions for using Drupal in addressing these common Sports related development requirements.

A secondary purpose for this group is to provide a collection point for discussions regarding the 'One League API' initiative for Drupal 7, with the goal of developing a common data model and related APIs for league-related entities and operations; in order to help reduce module duplication and facilitate interoperation between various league related modules.

Drupal 6 League Modules

Available Sports related modules for Drupal 6:

Module Maint Status Dev Status
Betting System Unknown Unknown
League Manager Online Unknown Unknown
LeagueSite Unknown Unknown
Sports Club Management Unknown Unknown
Sports Pick'em Active Active
Sport Scores Active Active
Tournament Bracket Active Active
Ultimate League Tool Active Active

Drupal 7 League Modules

Available Sports related modules for Drupal 7:

Module Maint Status Dev Status
Baseball Sandbox Sandbox
Sport Signup Sandbox Sandbox
Tournament Bracket Active Active
Tournament Active Active

'One League API' Information

Information pages coming soon ... Please stay tuned.

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