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Silly Newbie Installation Mistakes and Ultimate Success with QuickStart

I am just 7 weeks into an intensive Drupal course (about 60 hours a week!); so my errors setting up QS are probably not the norm; though they may save others from repeating them.

The first step is to upgrade if you have less than 4GB of RAM. The virtual environment needs 1024MB (@1GB).

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TurnkeyLinux or Ilk BOA Image

Has anyone thought of putting together a virtual image with BOA installed. I think this would remove some barriers and give BOA some more userfans. I know this would help me in my workflow, but I don't have chops to do it myself.

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Moving from VirtualBox to Amazon's EC2

I'm excited about Quickstart, but would like to have some more direction about how to deploy this, not as a virtual instance on my desktop but on a server. I'm particularly interested in seeing how to move a customized instance over from my VirtualBox over to EC2.

There's a there's a thread here -

Which point to places like:

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Having horrible time with Quickstart

I've had really bad experiences with VirtualBox and data loss in the past. So I was really uneasy about using Quickstart with VirtualBox. I tried to convert it to a VMWare image with no luck. So finally I just took a fresh QS ova and started using it with a fresh VirtualBox 4.0.4 (hadn't used it since v.3.)

I spent all day yesterday getting setup, installing AFP, configuring Durpal, setting up SVN. I left the VM running all night and until now. I came back to it an hour ago and was immediately getting mysql errors.

The first error I got was on the site:

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VirtualBox Mercury

I just finished building a Mercury VirtualBox appliance to serve as a development environment. Check it out -
The readme will help you setup networking and supply credentials.

Thanks ChapterThree for Mercury!
Thanks Greg for you instructions (no problems following them).

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[SUPPORT-REQUEST] Setting up an Ubuntu LAMP Server for Development on a VM

I followed this guide: How To Setup an Ubuntu LAMP Server for Development Purposes Only
But I've run into a problem. The Server I setup is on a VM (VirtualBox). I did this so I wouldn't have to manage it on my local machine and I could easily turn it on/off when needed. I used 64bit Ubuntu 9.04 Server. I gave the VM it's own Static IP address ( and HostName (LAMPVM) via my Routers config.
The problem I've run into is when I try and access my virtual hosts from my HARDmachine (not the VM), it doesn't work...

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Drupal Dev Environment Virtual Machine. Install notes and scripts.


Imagine being able to teach someone to review/create patches, without having to teach them to setup a LAMP development environment.
Imagine windows and mac users, friends, learning together to do (blank) with a virtual machine development environment.

I created a virtualbox Drupal development image. I wanted a simple platform to collaborate with several others on for a project. I thought others might benefit from the work.

Features include:
- Slim lightweight image (OS+tools are under 1gig)
- LAMP with APC
- Netbeans and Eclipse with debugging

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