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Distributions Summit in San Diego

We had a very productive Distro Summit at SANDcamp this week https://www.sandcamp.org/drupal-distribution-summit There was an excellent dialog on both technical and business topics. There was distro maintainer representation from Acquia, Phase2, LevelTen, Four Kitchens, ChapterThree, ImageX, Lullabot and many others. There were 46 attendees who engaged in a full day discussion on various topics. We will be holding another Distro Summit later this year. I am writing a summary and resource document for distro maintainers and the community. It should be available within two weeks.

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Drupal High School Profile, a.k.a. Distribuição para Escolas e Centros de Formação

No último encontro no Porto, no passado mês de Maio, foi lançado o desafio à comunidade para desenvolver um projecto no âmbito da Educação, em particular para as escolas e centros de formação.

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Developer | Open Source Schools

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Part time
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I'm building on top of Drupal 6 distribution profiles such as Open Atrium and Drupal Commons that use featues to create niche portals. That's why it would be great to work with a php/mysql programmer who understands distributions, features, and also things we want to use to make them really useful such as rss, rdf, and location, let alone the mundane Ubercart.

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How to best share a drupal site?

I was recently part of a poster on our Drupal-based Collaborative Sites Platform at EduCause.

As a part of the session proposal, I promised an "online starter kit" that would allow people to download our version of Collaborative Sites, install it on their own servers, tinker away, and perhaps even collaborate with us on improving it moving forward.

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ProsePoint 0.07: A Drupal-based Newspaper CMS


Just wanted to pop my head in and let everyone know of the new release of ProsePoint (www.prosepoint.org), a CMS for publishing online newspapers and magazines.

If you look closely at ProsePoint, you'll discover it's derived from Drupal. In fact, it's a Drupal distribution bundled into a single tarball for easy download. Of course, that means there's third party code in there, but it's all in the name of making life easier for end users.

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ProsePoint 0.01, A newspaper-oriented CMS based upon Drupal6.


Just wanted to announce the availability of the first (alpha) release of ProsePoint, a newspaper content management system.

Some things to note:

ProsePoint is a distribution built on top of Drupal 6.

It is currently alpha software and this is the first release. Hence, there are most likely all sorts of bugs and design inefficiencies. Please be welcome to try it, but use at your own risk.

It has the most customisation and add-on functionality of any distribution that I know of. The eventual aim is to have everything ready to go out of the box. No more searching for extra modules or testing of combinations of modules. Just install and go!

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Dev or No Dev?

The other day, Bob Christenson posted a question on Twitter about development versions of modules.

Anyone know of a way to track new official #drupal releases(not hackish, unusable dev versions). The problem is, not all dev versions are bad

Since the question affects a lot of topics we've been discussing in the Churches Group, including conversations about building install profiles, I've decided to write about it here.

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(((i)))nstallation profile?

Has anyone been working on an indymedia installation profile?

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My name is Gus Austin. I'm a musician, self-taught web designer/developer, and relative newbie to Drupal.

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Distributions and the Web services loophole

When Dries predicts,

there will bring a small tsunami of Drupal distributions built around a hosted service model...

Is he talking about providers, like Bryght or CivicSpace, serving up a wide array of custom distributions and related services as a value add to their customers? What I don't quite get (assuming I'm reading this correctly), is if and/or how their distributions would be different than any distribution properly borne out of, and freely available to, the community. In other words, in addition to the convenience, specialized skills and services, will there be profiles/distributions that only will be available thru certain providers?

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