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DO and GDO account mess....

Hey Maintenance group,

I was told by some other members this was the appropriate place to post this.

I have myself a well put together mess:

It is as follows:

I had originally created a DO account:

later on during the GDO migration i believe i was forced to create another account with the exact same username, which left me with the following accounts:
NEW DO account: (individual membership attached to this account, and all of my current community posts)

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The Orange County Drupal (OC DRUPAL) groups.drupal (GDO) page has been revamped. Please check it out and provide any comments below.

For our members,the forum has been disactivated for now till it is reorganized for a purpose if any. Please post support questions and discussions for the OC DRUPAL community on our GDO page for now.

Looking forward to having an awesome May meetup next month with community involvement!!

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How-to video or web conference dedicated to using OG Panels on

Would it be valuable to you, the group organizers and site admins on, to see a how-to video or participate in a live web conference and see how OG Panels on's "Pages" tabs can be used? I recently heard that the LA Drupal group's pages were helpful to organizers of a few regional groups, and I'd be happy to share what I know.

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Another one bights the dust.

----- Cross posted to the marketing group since GDO is a marketing tool -----
In the past 30 days I have become aware of THREE groups that have either stepped away from GDO, are about to step away from GDO, or are confused on what to do with GDO. ~ Doesn't use GDO invite system to register for events. They use MeetUp.Com They do post event news on GDO but it it often in a digest form on a post that contains other topics and announcements.

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Unable to view other members' profiles.

Hi, I did not see this reported anywhere.

I'm no longer able to access other user profiles on gdo since the update.

I get an access denied error.

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