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og_panels screencast


Thanks for the og_panels screencast.

While watching and then implementing og_panels on localhost I noticed that after I create the default home page with the page name "Home", the tab appears as "View". Similarly if I change the discussion page to the default page, the tab turns to "View". I saw this on the screencast too.

Just wondering how to overcome this.


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Role Models For Displaying Video Tutorials

For one of my clients, I'm currently implementing the Salesforce API. Salesforce is a industry-leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, basically a massively powerful addressbook and scheduler. While reading documentation to get their SOAP client working, I came across this tutorial page:

Developing on Salesforce Using PHP(requires an account on that site).

While the actual content was a little remedial for my purposes, I was struck that this is a great model to emulate. They are generating pretty high quality video documentation from live events, and apparently taking the time to break the video up into sections, and tie it together with a table of contents, all managed through their flash video widget.

Another really interesting example is what the NYTimes is doing with their coverage of the US Presidential debates:

NYT GOP Debate Video Archive

This interlinking of both section topics and specific trascript points is amazing. I'm sure it was a lot of work to set up, but it's without a doubt a great way to present the information.

When I think of Drupal Dojo 2.0, the first thing I think of is better organization, branding, etc, but beyond that these are the kinds of technological improvement that I think are really exciting, and would be great to pioneer within the open source world.

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movies hosted on

The kind maintainers of have agreed to put our movies on the hardware which will reduce our distribution problems and make it easier for folks to get the movies.

They just need to actually get the moves!

I have lessons "3" and "4" and the CVS lesson.

So it seems that just 1 and 2 are currently not available (at least not on the links that I tried). If someone points me to good links we'll sort this all out and have them in one place.


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