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Bye Bye, Search Lucene API!

Search has been a passion of mine for some time now. In many ways the Search Lucene API module was my introduction to Drupal and helped me understand and love the platform. Therefore I am somewhat sad to announce that Search Lucene API has reached "end of life".

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Search finds nothing

I have installed my first search box, and all I ever get is "Your search yielded no results".

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Connecting to external systems

I've been asked to look at a system for a museum who have an existing collection database they want to be able to search using Solr from Drupal 7. I've used Solr in quite a few projects and always periodically imported the data but at the moment they'd rather just connect the two via an as-yet-undefined interface. Is this a possible reality or should I stick to my guns re periodic import? I prefer import as you don't have to worry if the connection goes down, plus Drupal 'understands' nodes, plus I want to index it with Solr, which I know how to do easily with Drupal!


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İlk sayfada sadece arama formu

Arkadaşlar drupalda ilk sayfaya girince sadece arama formunu nasıl gösterebilirim.Google gibi yani sadece girince geniş bir arama çıksın.Front page eklentisi ile denedim ama php search kodlarını bulamadım.Arama kodları yada farklı bir yol söyleyebilecek arkadaşlara teşekkürler.

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What do you use for your search?

What modules/solutions are you guys all using for site search?

We were using Apache Solr in our early days ... but we had issues with it (took forever to index, had to turn the index rate way down because of server load).

We're now using Google Site Search, which I'm pretty happy with, but there is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth because we do not have a sort by date feature.

Are there any other good alternatives?

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Index OG members?

I have a site that is based on Open Atrium and currently using solr for site search. I would like to be able to add organic group members to the search index so that I can search for users within a particular OG. I would appreciate suggestions on how best to approach this.

Solr is set up via the Chapter 3 open atrium features module here, which uses apachesolr, apachesolr_og, apachesolr_search, and apachesolr_nodeaccess. In addition, Open Atrium uses nodeprofile so users' profiles are already in the index.

What I have considered doing is adding users' profile nodes to the same groups that they belong to. This would then make them searchable by OG, however my concern is that I would like everyone to be able to search for users across all OGs, including private OGs, and this would result in permission issues.

I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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Views-sök med drop-down för taxonomitermer

Jag har skapat en exponerad sök-vy (som beskrivet på som funkar och jag har lagt till så man kan få med Taxonomitermer via en drop-down meny i sökningen också genom att lägga till taxonomi-id i Filters (och det verkar funka även det).

Just nu ser den ut som bifogade bilden.

Hur tar jag bort texten "Any" och ersätter med till exempel "Alla landsdelar" (namnet på taxonomi-vokabulären funkar också) på ena dropdownen och "Alla kategorier" på den andra? Jag är ganska grön på php kan vara värt att nämna (ifall en sådan lösning skulle krävas)

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D7 Search Module

Bonjour à tous,
Je souhaite réaliser une page de recherche multi-critères sur les données saisies par les utilisateurs via un formulaire CCK. Sur D7, connaissez vous un bon module de recherche? A défaut, que me préconisez vous pour D6?
Sinon, quelqu'un a déjà manipulé le module Faceted-search?

Merci d'avance.

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Ändra utseendet på sökträffar.


Finns något sätt att ändra visningen på sökresultaten man får i Drupal 7?
Till exempel ett rutnät med thumbs (tumnagelbilder) och kanske sortering av träffarna
efter kanske bokstavsordning, författare eller varför inte datum??

Antar att det mesta går att fixa på något sätt men vilket är en best approach här,
views? eller färdig modul?

Jag kör custom search nu, och det vore trevligt om man kanske kunde sortera
sökträffarna efter taxonomierna som man har i sitt sökfält!

Mycket tacksam för tips och generella tankar om tillvägagångssätt

väl mött


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Drupal Developer (Search API) | Quizative

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are a small/med web agency looking for Drupal programmers experienced with the Search API and dedicated search backends such as Apache Solr, Xapian etc for a project now being developed.

If you're interested, please contact and provide a brief summary of your experience working with the Drupal Search API.

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