Student Proposal

This is a GSoC 2010 proposal idea that has been submitted by a Student. The person who submits this idea will have "dibs" on their proposal idea when the SoC proposal voting begins.
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Brainstorming for an accessibility proposal

I think that it would be an excellent idea for there to be at least one accessibility based project proposed for GSOC. Clearly the benefit being that Drupal's accessibility is enhanced, and a student who may be interested in accessibility is given the opportunity to improve their skills through the mentorship of individuals who have experience in the field.

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Project wiki page template

This is still pertinent for GSoC 2013

All approved students will be asked to keep track of the pertinent details about their project in a central wiki page on this group. The following is a template for them to use to do this.

Project information

Project page on
Student: Joe Sock (socks on d.o, on g.d.o)
Mentor: John Daff (J.D.)
Co-mentor(s): Jane Guru (guru)
Local mentor(s):

Current status: Describe briefly where your project is this week. Are you in the process of scoping? Are you working on a particular deliverable?


A brief summary of your project and why it's awesome, with links off to further relevant information (the original public discussion, your full application, etc.) if you'd like.

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