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An Introductory Message

Here is the current state of affairs: there are two modules (created by Khalid Baheyeldin) that deal with the stock market: stock and stockapi. The first one deals with displaying stock pricing information in both a page format and in a block format. The second one is an API that the first one uses to get the stock information. The API uses Yahoo! Finance as it's source of stock information.

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Project repository? What's that? Don't we have it already?

I'm thinking about a database which is storing:
- Project name
- Download file
- Module name
- Date
- MD5 and SHA1
- Module description
- Drupal Version
and programming an interface (module) to check these against your own installation.

What I need is to download all "[PROJECT].tar.gz" files and import these into a database. This was the easy job (simple devel example).
Currently this is done with a CCK designed table, but I will switch to an own node-type cause of some CCK restrictions (e.g. search).

the next two steps are writing:

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Collecting data

Is there anywhere a way to get data:
- Hown often are modules be downloaded?
- Which modules are installed?

Like from:
- admin/settings/drupal (Send system information)

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Converting E-Commerce 4.7 modules to 5.0

Overview of E-Commerce API changes

  1. paymentapi() - new admin flag is being past to payment gateways. - removed
  2. paymentapi() - add destination to payment page
  3. hook_store_email_send() removed
  4. Standard admin paths: admin/store and admin/ecsettings
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We need one project node and a CVS in contribs where we can place all this. For that we need a maintainer.

I volunteer to be that. But maybe others want to volunteer too. Please comment if this sounds like a fun idea to you! Please also comment whether or not you already have CVS access, because that is a critical factor.

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initial code

See attachements.

Stuff that is not yet properly worked out in this module, because it needs thought (instead of code) include:
where to edit the nodes (your profile)
where to view the nodes (where to render the profile)
how to limit the amount of nodes a user can post as profile in a nice way.

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Project Wanted

This is a really simple little module that probably is no more than 20 lines of code "Mark View Read".

It provides a menu_callback that provides a button to mark a view read, given the view name or vid as the argument. For bonus points, you could use hook_views_pre_view() to automatically add this button to any view that uses the unread filter.

Anybody up to spending a few hours doing this?

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