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Parsing LinkedIn profile pages with FeedAPI to integrate LinkedIn with Drupal

LinkedIn is still lacking a public API in spite of several announcements in 2007 and 2008 (they even confirmed OpenSocial support but so far did not deliver anything).

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Using Apachesolr module as an API

Just want to share my experience with using the apachesolr module as an API. I use apachesolr module purely as interface between my own drupal modules and the Solr instance. Part of the reason to do so is that I use a different schema.xml, compared to the one provided with the apachesolr module.

For the single technical detail, read this issue.

Thanks a lot to the developers for creating the apachesolr module and making it nicely extensible!

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Introducing the new JQuery Menu API

After several weeks of tangling with code I have release a new version of the JQuery Menu module that now provides an api for parsing hierarchical arrays into jquery click and expand menus. I have also released two new modules which make use of this api: the Advanced Taxonomy Blocks and the Advanced Book Blocks modules.

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iDEal payment api

Zoals op de DrupalJam beloofd, een generiek iDeal project. Tijdens een korte meeting bleek de interesse voor een centrale iDeal plek binnen Drupal gewenst.


De idee:
Een API waarmee iedereen, geïnteresseerd in paypal-oplossingen eigen modules kan bouwen. Ubercart zou er een kunnen zijn. Maar omdat betalingen niet gelimiteerd zijn tot webwinkel-omgevingen, is een generieke basis ook een goed idee.
Een tweede doel is om alle iDeal discussie, documentatie enzovoort, centraal te beheren: documentatie bij het project.

Het probleem:

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Web Master | BroadSoft

Employment type: 
Full time

We have an opening for a web master - all the details are here. We currently have two sites in Drupal and are looking for someone to lead the charge for our corporate site.

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Python Services API

Just thought I'd let everyone know I've started the Python Services API project, which provides a set of classes and and tests that Python developers can use as a basis for integration with the Services module. It's fairly bare-bones at the moment, and I'm by no means and expert Python developer, so feedback and contributions are more than welcome.

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Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Salary: Commensurate with experience

An exciting opportunity has arisen within the IB’s information and communication technology department to deliver a range of world-class web platforms related to the organization's Digital Space Initiative.

An experienced web developer is required to work closely with the programme manager and stakeholders worldwide to create and build upon a number of web platforms aimed at supporting and enhancing the IB's global online community.

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Facebook Connect

What do you guys think about new API's launched by Facebook last week? It seems like it's going to make dataportability really easy. Here's the announcement on Facebook's site: http://developers.facebook.com/news.php?blog=1&story=108

Are there any drupal apps that enable you to do this already? I know of the Authentication module.

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Drupal API extension for Dreamweaver

XTND.US releases early preview download of their Drupal API extension for Dreamweaver. Reduce typing and get past plain text editing of Drupal files in Dreamweaver. If you are into Drupal and use, or want to use, Dreamweaver then you really need this extension. Let us save you tons of time by reducing keystrokes with our Drupal API code hints integration for Dreamweaver (API versions 5 & 6). The extension provides code hints and code coloring for every Drupal API method in Drupal 5 & 6.

Not only does it provide full Drupal API code hints (5.x & 6.x) in PHP files, but it also adds support for common Drupal file types, like .module, .theme, .info, .tal, etc., provides code coloring and code hints while editing those file types, treating them similar to common PHP pages. No more tweaking Dreamweaver's configuration manually, just download this free extension and makes Dreamweaver more useful when working on Drupal modules and themes.

View a demo video or download the extension at http://xtnd.us/dreamweaver/drupalapi.

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PHP/Drupal Developer | Publish2, Inc.

Employment type: 
Full time

Publish2 is an online news aggregation platform, designed to empower the world’s journalists to discover, organize, and rank the most important news — to benefit their own reporting, their newsrooms, and all news consumers on the web.

We have an opening for an experienced PHP/Drupal Developer to work on building out our editorial platform and proprietary advertising model. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is creative, driven by innovation, and wants to be involved in revolutionizing the distribution and monetization of news on the web.

PHP/Drupal Developer

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