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Social Networking Unified Access Library. A new and better approach?

I submitted this within the forums, but I don't think it will get the attention it desires... I think this is an important step in development in Drupals Social Networking... Take a look and see if it is something that will draw the attention and the enthusiasm that it deserves. If it is deemed usable, then I will start working on an API.

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The Zend Framework Module

The Zend Framework Module for Drupal ensures that the Zend Framework is installed properly and ready for use. It lists the Zend Framework version number in the server status page, let's the administrator change Zend's installation directory, as well as provide a nice API feature set to make the Zend Framework's functionality easily accessible to other modules. One of these API benefits is the zend_initialize($class) function that cleanly includes a class from the Zend Framework and make it ready for use.

This could lead to some very powerful Service modules that use the powerful web service platform.

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The Google AJAX Feed API for use with FeedAPI module

Has anybody bothered to take a look at the Google Ajax Feed API with the intention of using it for Drupal aggregation?

We've implemented client side aggregation for a project being released soon. This gives a similar experience to NetVibes.

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Lullabot Development Workshops in Portland

Hello Oregonians,

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows about the upcoming Lullabot workshops happening in Portland next month. The team will be in town from January 7th - 11th teaching Intro to Drupal Development and Advanced API and Module Development. You can sign up for either workshop individually or attend the whole week at a discount.

I hope we get to meet some of you while we're in town!

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My thoughts for Booking Systems

Hi All

First of all, my apologies to anyone who wanted to attend my presentation in Barcelona. I'd had a migraine building up all week, and my head decided to explode on Friday! So I spent the day with the curtains shut in the hotel. I was hoping to get some of my thoughts into a more viewable form post-Barcelona but have had a few problems to deal with in Real Life(tm). So I thought I'd try and share some of my ideas here, whilst giving a bit of background of where I've been (in terms of booking systems).


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What about Services security?


(Unfortunately I couldn't find any information about the subject so I've decided to ask the group memebers wheter they can help.)

I'm creating a flex application using Drupal, Services and AMFPHP. The whole bunch is looking good, but I've a small problem with the security. It is OK to require API KEY and SESSION ID from each request to gain security, but.

My problem is, AFAIK, I can save a node without the right permission.

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API "Released" for RPG Module

For the RPG module, I just published the API, which is "bleeding cutting edge" since it is the development copy I use before it even gets committed to the CVS repository. Go take a peek!

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Project proposal: Help resuscitate the Upoming.org module

UPDATE: I've cross-posted this over at Drupal Dojo since there seems to be a few folks interested in collaborating and/or learning about this project.

In checking the status of the Upcoming.org module (http://drupal.org/project/upcomingorg), I noticed some familiar names from our Los Angeles group inquiring and/or offering assistance. Being that we've discussed this type of integration for some projects (ladrupal.org, local/media portal), maybe we can help KarenS resuscitate and expand the scope of this module (integrating additional event/ticketing portals)?

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Making a FacebookAPI.module

I've already talked to at least half a dozen people that want to "integrate Drupal with Facebook". In some ways, that is a meaningless statement, since integration will be very specific to your site or service that happens to be built with Drupal.

But, I think we can join forces and at least have a solid module that can be extended.

Right now, I'm thinking along the lines of the pathauto module: it has a series of *.inc files (e.g. pathauto_node.inc) that allow it to work

Here are some ideas:
* facebookapi_event.inc (for event and date) -- post an event in Drupal, have it post to Facebook as well
* facebookapi_node.inc -- post a node, have it post as a Note to Facebook

What about "social networking"? Can we show Facebook information embedded directly in / extended from a Drupal user profile?

Update: it has been pointed out to me that I wasn't clear on the value for "Facebook Applications". If you make FunkyService.com and build it with Drupal, you'll still have to do some custom work for your special FunkyService. But, ideally, utilizing this kind of an API module, it would be as simple as a hook_facebookapi or a facebookapi_funkyservice.inc in order to work with FB.

Let's make Drupal a great platform for making Facebook Apps with....

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A fruit of OSCMS - aggregator API proposed

agentrickard proposed an aggregator API here:


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