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Import/Export with other CMSs?

[Some questions/suggestions that are kinda late in the game, but coming from research I've been doing today....]

To what extent is this API intended to facilitate data exchanges between Drupal and other CMSs?

Have you seen the Portable Site Information PSI specification, http://psilib.sourceforge.net/? It sets out a generalized XML interchange format for CMS data (and provides some tools written in Python). Would it be useful to consider this as a basis for the Import/Export XML format?

A potentially useful reference is the Exorcist softare produced as an offshoot of the Midgard CMS, http://www.midgard-project.org/documentation/exorcist/. It provides a general toolset for data exchanges between CMSs (in Java).

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Conjuring API

ImageMagick integration for Drupal

from http://drupal.org/node/61133

  • Become familiar with the following items: Imagemagick, File API, Image API , Form API
  • Identify x image manipulation actions that could be automated.
  • Identify what processes are required, and how to accomplish them using ImageMagick.
  • Develop functions for each of the operations, clearly documenting their use and parameters.
  • Develop a hook that allows a developer to define 'effects', by specifying a series of operations
    to be called on an image, and a set of parameters.
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Voting API to use with Drupal AND other CMS/BB.


(I cross-posted this message to http://www.wechange.org/node/97 . I will be updating the remote version with link, corrections, etc, so see there for updates if your read this long after I posted it).

I would like to introduce you to a php voting API that I wish to develop further and for which I'd like to create a Drupal module. It is a complementary alternative or even replacement to the Drupal voting API.

Please, don't consider having a heart attack just yet. Please, read further and decide later.

Allow me to start from the beginning...

A world of alternative voting systems

It is a sad fact that for most people, whenever they think about voting or election, they can only think about what is known as "plurality voting", the voting method whereby you can only select one choice among many. Unfortunately, this voting method is demonstrably very bad.

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