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Full-time Mid-level Front-End Drupal Developer in DC | Keymind

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Full time

Keymind, a Division of Axiom Resource Management, Inc., is a professional consulting and development firm based in Northern Virginia. Our projects cover a broad spectrum, from custom Web sites and content management systems to complex web-based application development, for a wide range of customers.

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Text format : On default content types, full HTML is not an option

hello all,

On the content types for "services", "resources", etc. (the ones that are default to the OpenPublic distribution,) the full HTML option is not displayed. Regardless of user privileges. In Custom content types, CKeditor correctly displays the full HTML toolbars and I am able to utilize Full HTML, but logged in as an admin, all I see is "disable rich text" at the bottom of the body text area for BOTH default and custom content types. There is no drop down box to select either Full HTML or Filtered HTML.

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Weird - sub-theme of OpenOmega has extra (unwanted) content on front page


I created a sub-theme of OpenOmega for OpenPublic beta8. It shows additional content (More News Promoted content) on the front page of the sub-theme but not in the original theme.

Also, that content displays formatted only when the Debugging feature, grid and blocks, are enabled. I've look at this in Firefox 14, Chrome 20 and IE 8.

Q: Can someone else see if they get this same result, please?


Also, in IE8, not all of the /template/ files are displaying the same as in Firefox and Chrome.

Q: Are differences expected upon creating a sub-theme, when a folder is duplicated, customizing file names, etc. with the new folder name?


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How? Create a copy of an OpenPublic and OpenPublish packaged theme to customize


I installed OpenPublic beta8 yesterday.

I want to make a working copy of OpenOmega so not to make changes to the original theme.

How would I do that? Where should it be copied to? Could I also add blocks to Structure -> Blocks or must all blocks be located via Structure -> Context? How to not have the demo info in that OpenOmega copy?

I want to make OpenPublic with OpenOmega easy to update in the future without overriding my theme customizations.

(Note: I need the answers/procedure for copying themes that are packaged with OpenPublish, also for the same reason.)


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Problem with roles and adding content

When logged in as staff or editor we are getting an white screen, when we try to add content. We get the appropriate administration menu, Add Content>content types show up with links in overlay > click on any content type and we get a url similar to this

add content works - but url issues //

The next entry to go to create content
blog entry and others do not - > white screen, no overlay, no way to enter content

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Distributions Summit in San Diego

We had a very productive Distro Summit at SANDcamp this week There was an excellent dialog on both technical and business topics. There was distro maintainer representation from Acquia, Phase2, LevelTen, Four Kitchens, ChapterThree, ImageX, Lullabot and many others. There were 46 attendees who engaged in a full day discussion on various topics. We will be holding another Distro Summit later this year. I am writing a summary and resource document for distro maintainers and the community. It should be available within two weeks.

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Which version of OP is more stable?

Hello everybody,

I decided to work with OpenPublish so I started reading and searching the lastest (and more stable) version and I could find thw following profiles:

1) (16826032 bytes)
-Based on Drupal 6
-Promoted by ACQUIA (OP v2.3 build 441)
-Downloaded from site1:
-Downloaded from site2:

2) (12189049 bytes)
-Based on Drupal 7
-Promoted by Phase2 Technology (OP v3 Alfa3)

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suppor on openpublic

Hi, sorry by my english.
i just installed openpublic for no goverment use because i want to use drupal 7 and openpublish is not D7 ready.
I need to change some type of content to support scheduler module but when activated it, the date parameter is disabled.

Which folder and wich type of permission need to install Events App? (To install an app, web server needs write access to the Drupal sites folder. Please adjust and try again).

Hola, soy hispano parlante, estoy adaptando openpublic para uso no gobernamental. Deseo usar drupal 7 y openpublish no está listo aún.

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Distribution OpenPublic for Governments and Federal Agencies

Phase2 Technology is working on a free Drupal distribution called OpenPublic. OpenPublic will be a packaged solution 'aimed at forward-looking government agencies seeking to meet the open government initiative’s demand for greater transparency, participation and collaboration.'

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