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Module "Black-Hole" revival

There are a "LOT" of contrib modules out there. Even more so, there are a great deal of good modules that have been neglected. Lets be honest, a developers time is precious, and we all get spread thin and a bit scattered sometimes, and we leave our children (modules) to the way side for other things (like "bill-paying" modules/development so we can eat from time to time :) ).

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The most amazing drupal site i've seen! + Profile solution discussion

Hi everybody,

While making my research about Drupal profile solutions, I was pointed to the following site:

I was shocked after surfing the site. This site is powered by Drupal and it's amazing! WOW!!!

I want that our BB project will have such full featured profile like in Does anyone have any clue which profile module this site is using? What are the other modules of that site?

Thanks and have a nice day.

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Drupal search engine optimization is a full time job

Well, I just found about this group (and today, and I've been using Drupal for over a year! I see this group for SEO has 59 subscribers, and yet I hadn't seen any posts from any of you on seo in the main drupal forums. Why is that? If I had seen mention of this before, I would have joined as soon as I found out - and there are questions that people are asking all the time about SEO in the main forums that deserve answers. I've been trying to answer all the ones that I can find.

I posted twice in the last month in the main forums to solicit input regarding an article I wrote on my web site: How to Optimize a Drupal web site for Google and other Search Engine Crawlers. I was surprised to find I didn't get a shred of feedback. The post has been viewed almost 1,200 times on my site and I've not gotten any feedback there either.

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An Introductory Message

Here is the current state of affairs: there are two modules (created by Khalid Baheyeldin) that deal with the stock market: stock and stockapi. The first one deals with displaying stock pricing information in both a page format and in a block format. The second one is an API that the first one uses to get the stock information. The API uses Yahoo! Finance as it's source of stock information.

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Project repository? What's that? Don't we have it already?

I'm thinking about a database which is storing:
- Project name
- Download file
- Module name
- Date
- MD5 and SHA1
- Module description
- Drupal Version
and programming an interface (module) to check these against your own installation.

What I need is to download all "[PROJECT].tar.gz" files and import these into a database. This was the easy job (simple devel example).
Currently this is done with a CCK designed table, but I will switch to an own node-type cause of some CCK restrictions (e.g. search).

the next two steps are writing:

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Started by a discussion

at, I would like to have a staging like:
- core (the framework)
- contribute (which is the new one)
- user contribute
- cvs
- sandbox

The contributed-modules should be well reviewed and choosen. Collecting installation-information through the drupal.module would be helpfull, but cause it "also enables users to log in using a Drupal ID" it's often disabled. By default it's disabled, so the data is not representive.

Are there other users feeling like me? Any developers want to help?

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Módulo Post-It

Bem... ontem enquanto tomava banho, tive a idéia de criar um módulo que colocasse um post-it na tela. Hoje assim que cheguei ao trabalho, pesquisei se já existia e não encontrei.

Para aguçar as idéias de todos, vou tentar falar o que eu penso em fazer neste projeto.

Todo postit estará ligado a uma página com informações mais detalhadas... ou seja, ele vai criar um conteudo (node) onde especificará o título, Texto do Postit, Data de Inicio, Data de Termino e Texto detalhado.

Os postits só aparecerão nas telas definidas no 'admin/settings/postit' (da mesma forma que funciona os blocks)... também definiremos a posição dos postits (top e left).

e ae??? o que acham? util? inutil? alguma crítica?

Fico no aguardo!

Um abração,

Pedro Faria

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Playlist module for 4.7 released!

After a complete rewrite and countless sleepless nights, the playlist module (toolkit, module) is now available for 4.7! Needs testing though :)

1) iTunes podcast/xspf/m3u/pls feeds generated on the fly, with full metadata support
2) album artwork can now be integrated (through URL)
3) xspf flash players for each feed, including popup players for each
4) audio browser, similar to iTunes, used to search audio tags and find the audio to add to playlists
5) upload new audio files to playlists on the fly with an inline uploader
6) listening station: an xspf flash player block that has a dropdown select to listen to different playlists on the site

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Premium or certified modules overview

This is a cross-post from the development list. Share your own list of install profiles and/or modules you can't live without.

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