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Add a vocabulary to a content type in NodeStream 7.x-2.0-rc5

I'm trying to put POLLS into the Regions (MAIN COLS # and ASIDE) But I can't add a TOPIC REGIONS taxonomy (vocabulary) to the POLL

I'm using this procedure in Drupal https://drupal.org/node/1886980 but Nodestream can't manage fields

How can add a vocabulary to a content type in NodeStream?


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Having trouble with Multilingual site design and using Content Taxonomy Fields with Translated Vocabularies appearing twice in Node add/edit forms

Well this is my first attempt at taking my site and making it multilingual. I have done a far bit of research and have all the necessary modules I think I need. I am having trouble with getting my vocabularies to play nice. Here is what I have

Drupal 6
Using Content Taxonomy module so that I have the vocabulary load in a field on each node as well as save to the taxonomy tables to be used in other ways.

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views c index. Tá quase!

Olá carissimos:

No DrupalCamp do Porto, perguntei ao João como criar nas views um index alfabético de uma lista de nodes, para filtrar os filtrar pela 1ª letra do título. Agradeço as dicas que me deu, e a tentativa de por isto a funcionar.

(Como ainda só tenho a versão de testes online, é preciso 1a password para aceder)

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Workflow with term permission?


Is it possible to use workflow with a permission based on term? I.e. a publishing workflow, every article is assigned to one (or more) term in a vocabulary. Each editor can access into only certain terms.

Edit 1: to give more info, a comparison of different taxonomy permission module http://groups.drupal.org/node/21915

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Vocabulary Relationships / Hierarchy and Usability

I've been trying to wrap my head around this for a while and I'm running into a roadblock in terms of providing good usability to community members vs. correct information architecture. As an example, let's say I'm running a website about plants, and visitors can add articles about different plants. This is just a crude example to help understand the problem. When a visitor goes to create a new article, they can categorize it as follows:

Plant Part
- Color
-- Produce

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Views 1: how to sort on fields from 2 tables?

I'm working on a D5 site (yes, unfortunately!) where we use taxonomy to create a "poor-man's-epublish" - basically a view of newsletter issues and articles under them. We have a vocabulary for "Newsletter issue" and just tag article nodes with the term of the issue, like "Fall 2008." Since there are other vocabularies on those nodes we're using the primary_term module to make the newletter issue the primary term.

It's all working great except for sorting: primary_term.module only implements views sorting by term id - it ignores the term weight:

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Neologism, easy RDFS vocabulary publishing

FOAF, DC, SIOC, SKOS are famous vocabularies commonly used in the Semantic Web. Many other custom vocabularies exist and are created everyday. Vocabularies play an important role in the Semantic Web as they enable interoperability across various RDF data sources, and are used by RDF publisher and consumers who refer to them in their data.

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Is There A Way To Display Only Part of a Vocabulary?

Hello Everyone,
Is there a way (a view, an existing module, a swell hack), to limit the display of a vocabulary in a node editor?
For example:

Countries (Vocabulary)
- Africa
   - Kenya
   - South Africa
- Asia
   - Japan
   - Thailand
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