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Automated testing on Jenkins + Selenium basis

Hi everyone! To have a better control over testing, it's a good idea to implement a CI (continuous integration system) that will make many processes automatic. A great option for CI is Jenkins - due to its simplicity and flexibility. Jenkins testing, especially a combination of Jenkins and Selenium IDE tests, is described in the blog post by our QA.

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Drupal Developer - Charlotte | Stoneacre

Employment type: 
Full time

Stoneacre, a Charlotte, NC based loyalty/affinity software company is looking for a full-time Drupal developer. While Stoneacre is a flex company in its culture, and telecommuting is allowed - the expectation is that the candidate would be based in the Charlotte metro area, and would bounce in and out of the office. No dress code, full flexible work environment and schedule, excellent benefits, energetic team, and exciting clients in sports/entertainment (NASCAR, NFL, colleges/universities, publishers, etc).

Full job detail and application process is available at:

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Continuous Integration - Drupal way.

I'm going to grow quality of products we get in company I working in.
I'm going to make ability to show bugs free product when client what. (functionality that marked "done" realy 100% done)
I'm going to make code clear and developement process managing.
I'm going to make regressive testing cheap.
I'm going to remove trivial round things from my live.

CI can help us.

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Another approach to distributions

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know of a new (maybe great) service that allows experienced Drupal developers start up their Drupal projects quicker.

The web site's address is

Purpose of the site is to come to the aid of experienced Drupal developers who have discovered that they rely on much the same collection of modules for a particular type of site. Once you've mashed up your collection you can view the generated drush commands and/or download the (UNIX shell) script.

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Selenium and Drupal

First, for those that don't want to read the full post, here's the "30-second elevator speech":
This post to to discuss using Seleinum with Drupal. Specifically using Maven to run the selenium tests and writing the Selenium tests in Java.
The example code be downloaded from the Workhabit Inc. public repository here:
One must have the following installed to run:
1. Firefox
2. Java 1.5+
3. Maven
All 3 are easy to install and aquire. Once you download the code from the repository, you can just navigate to the directory and run:

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