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TextMate Bundle - Drupal Module Statistics


This bundle originally started out as a way to simply count LOC, but is starting to turn into much more. It currently features:pleasant HTML output, LOC for files and total module, files sizing and automatic updates. It's a pretty straight forward install, just download the bundle and double click it, it should install in your TextMate seamlessly. By default, the shortcut key is COMMAND + CONTROL + M.

I'm pretty excited about some visual feedback when developing modules. Please let me know what ya think, enjoy! :)

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TextMate plugin to instant filter your project files

Hey all,

Just wanted to announce a TextMate plugin that I altered on github for easier file navigation.

When you open a folder in TextMate, a drawer with a navigator appears. The MissingDrawer plugin (https://github.com/jezdez/textmate-missingdrawer) promotes the drawer into a dedicated view that sits next to the text editor. You can show/hide the sidebar, and switch the sidebar's location also. Other commands are available in View > Project Drawer, and you can go to TextMate's preferences to customize colors and the Terminal button.

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PHP Drupal/Textmate Developer | Freelance Gig

Employment type: 

I'd like to hire someone to write a Texmate command that could "read" the .info, .install, and .module files in a Drupal module and extract the relevant Drupal specific information from them. (input a module folder and output an HTML document) I have an outline of exactly what I would like to read from the files, and how to display the data. There are existing "documentation" tools available, but they are all "function" based, and not "module" based. I want to see "at a glance" (and present to non techies) what tables, menus, hooks, blocks, node types, API functions, ect...

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TextMate bundles of joy

There are many bundles for TextMate that can make Drupal development easier, such as the included PHP Drupal and Subversion bundles. Please add your favorites to this wiki page.


Git Bundle

Updated Drupal TextMate Bundle | Steven Wittens

PHP Drupal TextMate Bundle

Drupal Module Statistics

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