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Active State Navigation Menu Item

Hi All,

I really enjoyed the last meet up on the topic of themes, thank you for the wonderful discussions. Since then I realized that I have had another pertinent question regarding theming with rollover and active menu images. I am using the image menu module to create rollovers for my primary navigation. Any ideas on how to have a page in a site represented by an active state button? Attached is an image of what I am trying to achieve.

Much thanks,


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Experienced Drupal web developer | E2 Digital

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are looking for an experienced & highly talented Drupal Web Developer to initially join us on a 2-3 month project. There may be the opportunity to go permanent for the right candidate.

• Exciting social media web project
• Mobile apps opportunities
• Dedicated and creative team
• Attractive remuneration
• Immediate start

Please contact Nick or +64 3 377 0007 or submit your CV etc through the link to Seek.

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Design Profiles

Over at AdaptiveThemes we've been hammering out how to give our designers better tools for designing for Drupal. At first we thought about a set of briefs, then that grew into packages (brief + stock images, logo etc) and then I struck on the idea of Design Profiles.

A Design Profile is a package including a sample site (say a blog, business site, Ubercart site etc), PSD templates, a detailed brief and stock images (sample logo, photos etc).

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"Ultra Light" User Experience / User Interface Design & Drupal for Startups

I run a group of tech entrepreneurs called Ultra Light Startups ( and I'm interested in the use of Drupal in startups for several reasons. Many of our members' startups are either already built on Drupal or they are evaluating use of Drupal for a project. Several of our members are also active in the NYC Drupal community. Also, after hosting an event on Open Source CMS's last fall, I became convinced that Drupal was the right platform for several of my own projects, including a planned major upgrade to the Ultra Light Startups site.

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need requirements/specs for Drupal theming including design and coding

I would like to collaborate with other Drupal theme designers. I am writing a specifications document for a Drupal 5.x theme. What types of design items do you include in your theme design projects? I am starting with this:

A. Custom Graphical User Interface Design

  1. Website layout - Custom Drupal theme including graphical header and footer and navigation menus that appear on every page. Blocks for Staying Connected, Sign up for Updates, and Register and Sponsors will also be themed. Global styling for H1, H2 tags, main content text is also included.
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Visual Designer | Club Real Estate

Employment type: 

Our social networking start-up needs a visual designer (preferably in the San Francisco Bay Area) on a part-time consulting basis to design the visual elements of our site (both the frontpage and secondary pages) before it is launched. We are also looking for this designer to design the logo and some other elements.

We have an excellent front-end developer already involved, so our biggest need at this time is purely visual design (although some front-end development skills could be useful). We are looking for a talented designer with the following skillset:

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Front-end Developer/Producer | The New York Observer

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The New York Observer is seeking to hire a front-end developer or producer to maintain its flagship property ( and several smaller related sites. We use Drupal almost exclusively for all our web properties.

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header clickable in Firefox not Safari

I am having a problem with the header of this website: Except for the 3 small logo's the whole header should be clickable and direct to the frontpage.

It is clickable in Firefox but not Safari (except for the 3 logo's that I have defined in page.tpl.php). This worked until recently also in Safari and I have no idea what is going on. Would anybody know how to make the header clickable again? I assume I need to adjust something in page.tpl.php?

Thanks and best,

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When theming, do you use the "slices" feature of Photoshop/Fireworks?

I use Photoshop, and use the slice tool
28% (13 votes)
I use Photoshop, and do NOT use the slice tool
30% (14 votes)
I use Fireworks, and use the slice tool
19% (9 votes)
I use Fireworks, and do NOT use the slice tool
6% (3 votes)
I use another graphics program and use a similar slice tool
2% (1 vote)
I use another graphics program and do NOT use a slice tool
15% (7 votes)
Total votes: 47
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Drupal Theme Update |

Employment type: 

The original theme implementer for used a tables based layout that we would like to get rid of. We are looking for a CSS styler who knows Drupal theming to quickly update the main site layout to a tableless theme. Needs to look the same, just without all the tables.

This is a short job that we want done this month.

There are 46 template files (most are really small, only 6 are page/node templates) that can potentially be updated, along with the style sheets. I have a brief document details the work needed that has been attached.

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