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Theme Image Optimization and Module Image Optimization

I have a current upgrade to Advanced Forums that has optimized images in it, the ticket is However I post this here because there seems to be very little resources for people who need and/or optimize images for Drupal Themes and Modules. Last I knew Panels 3 needed some icons for various functions, and the developer (like me) is not a person to develop images.

Maybe Im missing a resource, or maybe this group should deal with such topics!

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Drupal Developer |

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Hi Guys!

Let me know if you would be interested in a permanent full time position in Boston. It's close to the T, so it's an easy commute.

  • Drupal Modules
  • Drupal Themes
  • General Server and IT knowledge required

Also looking for DC and Seattle. If you know of anyone...spread the love!


Olga Enger

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Optimizing iowait with tmpdir and tmpfs or ramfs for Drupal 5 site

A note from the developer who oversees one of my Drupal sites. We could use your help.


I have a rather burly Drupal based site that seems to be causing some
problems, today we had a major outage. There are many slow queries
and also mysql related iowait that causes server processes to hang, at
least that is the theory.

Here you can examine some of the stats on the server:

You can see my iowait stats here, which are pretty high:

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Drupal for a School Boards Association? Need to set access levels.

I've been given the task of re-doing a state school board association website entirely. Right now it's on Typo3, which has proven too difficult of a learning curve for those involved, and it's too difficult to make it "pretty." For a slew of other reasons, I'm trying to sell the switch to Drupal.

I'm 90% sure I want Drupal. Especially over Joomla because of SEO and the ability to control what different viewers can access.

I have different types of viewers:
*The average School Board Member
*Members who have paid to have access to Policy information

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Drupal Security Module Packages

Finally after several weeks of preparation the Drupal Security Module Packages are available.

About the Security Package:

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Internet Blackout NZ

Only local images are allowed.Over the last week Twitter and Facebook users across New Zealand and the world, have been blacking out their avatars in protest of S92A, a change in New Zealand's copyright law that will require ISPs to disconnect any user accused of copyright infringement. No proof or evidence is required, just accusation. This is a terrible law for many reasons, which are well documented on, and elsewhere.

Only local images are allowed.The online protest stimulated and supported a physical protest in Wellington outside the Beehive ( is a Drupal website) (NZ's parliamentary buildings) last Thursday. It inspired others to follow-up with a website blackout event today, Monday 23 February. I already partially blacked out my blog last week, however this blackout will be more thorough than my website-decolouration or 'grey-out'.

I have created a Drupal module to help any Drupal websites owners quickly blackout their website, if they want to participate. Currently it's only a Drupal 6 module, however if anyone really wants it for their Drupal 5 website and doesn't have the technical skills to backport it, I may help out with this.

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Module List Review

At the University of Delaware, we are just getting started with Drupal as an officially supported resource, maybe for only 6 months or so. Having just barely more experience than most others at UD, I'm trying to help everyone get up to speed with the basics and offer suggestions how to enhance their sites from there.

Currently, the focus is on module selection. I've put together a set of modules that hopefully would satisfy most of UD's needs. We currently use Sakai as our LMS so Drupal's role is primarily for public websites for colleges, depts, programs, research centers, initiatives, faculty research groups, community sites, etc.... Drupal will also be used for internal collaboration sites.

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Programmer - Project (Freelance) |

Employment type: 

Hello, All,

We are looking for someone to do some quick modifications to an existing Drupal deployment. Simple changes on the admin side for this site:

My estimates:

Drupal Proficiency: 7/10
Development/Markup Proficiency: 6/10 (mostly admin changes anyway, maybe some small PHP outside of Drupal)
Time Sensitivity: medium

We have other Drupal sites in development, or will need updates soon. Looking for a mid- to long-term relationship with a programmer.



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Making your blog mobile with Drupal and Siruna

Hi All,

I recently got into mobile web development and I am working out some solutions in making your blog / website mobile. I have written a tutorial on my blog, Here is the immediate link to the blog

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Move modules from /multisite to /all

In my multi-site setup, I want to install only "finished" releases (so: no dev version, no beta, etc.) to /sites/all/modules.

So when I install a dev version to my multi-site /sites/, and this module will get a release later, I want to move it to /sites/all/modules.

Does this work without any problems? Anything to mind?

Would I need to update the module at the multi-site first, before deleting it and re-install it in /sites/all/modules?

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