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Senior Themer | Binserver

Employment type: 

We're looking for a very skilled themer to aid us in developing a large scale social networking website for academics. There's also an opportunity to build up a long term relationship to work on several other websites we're developing.
Candidates must be very proficient in theming and have at least an intermediate understanding of custom module development. Being an independant player who doesn't need much guidance is a very important asset we're looking for.

In short, these are the requirements:
* Perfect understanding of Drupal 5's theming layer

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modul för node val

Någon som vet någon modul som tillåter besökare (ej inloggad) att välja flera noder från exv. en sökresultatlista och att de visas i ett block?

Kan tänka mig att det hanteras via cookies eller sessions på något vis.

Funderar på att kika hur webbshopping-modulerna har löst det, men tänkte att det finns någon modul just för detta, som ni snubblat över.

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Drupal plugin for eclipse


I'm in the process of creating Eclipse module which will simplify drupal module creation.
For now it providing a wizard where you can choose module name, description and some hooks that needs to be implemented in this module.

I will provide it in a week or so.

If you're using eclipse for drupal development, fell free to post your wishes and feature requests.

P.S.: if such eclipse plugin already exists, let me know.

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Book Review: Learning Drupal 6 Module Development (published by Packt Publishing)

My book review pasted from I reviewed the book for the publisher but that never guarantees a good review, so read on.

I must say I was asked to review this book, and I was very excited to do so. I thought it'd be good to comment on areas for people who aren't familiar with Drupal on a daily basis yet, and to give you some background, I was very excited to read this book. I needed a book that had the words "Drupal 6" and "module development" in it and luckily this book was titled exactly that and delivered. So, to newbies and non-newbies I offer the following review.

If you're impatient and don't want to read this review all the way, then just know this book must be read by each programmer who will be tinkering with Drupal, so yes, I recommend it. This book is not for people learning how to use modules, this is for people who plan to code and build their own modules. This book is not large, has great learning material, and brings tons of info down from Drupal's web site documentation into stress-free chapters. One entire chapter (Ch. 2) covers how to do an entire module from scratch and following chapters show how expand that module and build, and build, and really get to know important APIs that come with Drupal core.

In all honestly, I'm jealous that most new users get to read something as collected as this to learn from. If you read this book you'll basically catch up with content I took months, if not over a year to explore and read online. I had also held off heavy Drupal 6 development for myself until a book like this came out, so we're in the same boat.

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User Registration Trend Reports (module preview)

A new module for Drupal 6 I developed over a couple different weekends. Shows how many users you have, no biggie there, but it also shows a breakdown of registrations per month so you can see your good months. The report also includes counts of unauthorized (vs. registered) users with a percentage against total registered users, and there's a table showing popular email domains and their simple stats too. (Drupal 6)

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Working on massive updates to MLS module

Hi everyone,

After a long hiatus from working on the MLS module (, I'm back at it and working on some massive updates/improvements to the module. If any of you have tried to use it, you probably know that it's super confusing, very difficult to use and incredibly fragile. To address these issues I'm overhauling how the module interfaces between VieleRETS and Drupal.

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Drupal for firebug

I found this interesting and figured I would pass it along to the groups:

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PicLens Example Code

At our meeting last night,, I presented the PicLens module for Drupal and showed how to hook up your own custom modules into the PicLens module API.

I have attached my example module for Drupal 5 and the Drupal 5 version of PicLens.

To use this module install the PicLens add-on and then

  1. Download, rename to and unzip and install the pldemo module in the normal manner and enable in the module admin
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CCK MAC address field module

Hi! I've developed a CCK MAC address field module on the basis of CCK IP Address. Just wondering whether anyone has any interest in it, and if so, what do I do next?

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Pivots Module

I found this and thought it was interesting to hear. Last summer there was a DUG meeting and the pivots module was presented then( It is about a year later and is in full production live on the website (

I e-mailed Daniel and asked if he would come present the module again at the group. Maybe everyone else should give him a nudge and let him know we may be interested in hearing about it again (daniel lives in the A2 area).

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