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Project repository? What's that? Don't we have it already?

I'm thinking about a database which is storing:
- Project name
- Download file
- Module name
- Date
- MD5 and SHA1
- Module description
- Drupal Version
and programming an interface (module) to check these against your own installation.

What I need is to download all "[PROJECT].tar.gz" files and import these into a database. This was the easy job (simple devel example).
Currently this is done with a CCK designed table, but I will switch to an own node-type cause of some CCK restrictions (e.g. search).

the next two steps are writing:

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GData Module structure

I have again started re-working on the module since last Saturday (before that I was stuck due to exams). Looking at all options that I am aware of and using my knowledge to the limit (well almost) I have come up with the following structure:

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