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Hey guys
This is a freelancing work and will take just couple of hours.
I am a drupal developer but since i am overloaded with work i can not get my hands firmly over services module.
I have tried this module couple of times but still cant make it to work.
I would like someone to teach/guide me how to:-

  1. Use services module
  2. Use JSON server module
  3. Integrate it in android application and iphone application (We can adjust something for this part as i have knowledge about this)
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Freelancer | Freelancer

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Hi guys

I am a freelancer in android and drupal development.
I have much knowledge about drupal framework but somehow i can not get my hands on Services module.
I want to develop a drupal api which i can call from my android code so that i can display the website content on my application.

What i require :-
A Freelancer with knowledge of integrating android and drupal.
I will require your services only for couple of hours.
You will have to just set me up to use services module.
It would be better if you have some android code ready also.

I will pay $20 per hour for this job

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