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Tracking community health via metrics

Dalin pointed me to this bad-ass blog post about how Mozilla does metrics around community management:

Check this dashboard out!

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Success Metrics and Survey

As previously discussed, it's important that we monitor whether or not our work here is having a positive, negative or any impact at all.

There are two ways we will do this:
1 - site metrics. We'll grab a snapshot of certain site metrics at regular intervals (quarterly) and compare
2 - survey. We'll take a regular survey to capture attitudes to contribution to see if these change over time.


I've created a survey here.

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Mozilla Foundation develops community management metrics and tools

This might be outside of Prairie, but at the very least is tangential.

This blog post talks about how Mozilla is creating some new tools to monitor contributor experience and catch people falling away. They are really trying to tackle the same issues that the Prairie Initiative is. Perhaps we can borrow some ideas. Here is a quote from the blog post, but I've replaced "Mozilla" with "Drupal":

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How do we know if we're succeeding? (Metrics)

I'd love to have some kind of metrics that we can monitor to make sure that we're actually improving things through any changes that we manage to push through.

Can you help me work out what numbers we'd want to keep an eye on and then work out how we find out what they are currently so we can start measuring?

Suggested metrics

The kind of things I'm thinking of are:

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