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Is Community Weaver a proprietary system?

Dear people,
I consider using Drupal because my search engine pointed to this group. I am new to Drupal.

I have had quick looks to Timemachine and Community Weaver in the description of this group.
Last release of Timemachine seems to be in 2011. Is it still alive?
Community Weaver link points to an external site rather than a Drupal project. When I tried to find the tech. via builtwith, it showed no Drupal. Is it still a Drupal-based project? Is it an open source project or a prorpetary one?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Best regards.

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Living Economies Salon: New web based economic tools and exchange mechanisms June 27th

Living Economies Salon: New Web Based Economic Tools and Exchange Mechanisms

Wed, June 27th, 2012 from 7-10PM
At The HUB LA 830 Traction Ave #3A Los Angeles, CA 90013

On this evening the Living Economy Salon will host a panel discussion on new web based economic tools and exchange mechanisms. As our economy transforms, the internet is providing a platform for new innovative ways to exchange! We welcome Autumn Rooney from the Echo Park Time bank, Micki Krimmel from Neighborgoods, and Jared Krause of tradeya. As usual, the event is free and we will have some time for networking before and after with snacks.

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Community Weaver Action Hub

The Community Weaver Action Hub is now up and running.

The code is now available here,

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