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IntegralCES wants to be a D7 full project.

Hi Time Banking group,
We have been developing integralCES, a suite of Drupal modules featuring social currencies management for communities. After some years of developing and setting up a production site with few thousands of users in Catalonia and Spain, we think it's mature enough to jump from an experimental sandbox to a drupal full project, in order to facilitate the installation and to share with any community who is looking for such a software.

Project aplication: https://www.drupal.org/node/2267557
Sandbox: https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/esteve/1367140

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Time Banking - Bank of Time

We are looking to create an Intranet site for a group of people who exchange their services in a range of fields by hours - not € or $.
More info is here .... Time Banking on Wikipedia.

For this we are intending to create a site with profiles for each member including the member's account, forums, groups, a section for Classified = what the members are offering and need, FAQ, etc. and very importantly the accounting of hours - providing on-line exchange.

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Living Economies Salon: New web based economic tools and exchange mechanisms June 27th

Living Economies Salon: New Web Based Economic Tools and Exchange Mechanisms

Wed, June 27th, 2012 from 7-10PM
At The HUB LA 830 Traction Ave #3A Los Angeles, CA 90013

On this evening the Living Economy Salon will host a panel discussion on new web based economic tools and exchange mechanisms. As our economy transforms, the internet is providing a platform for new innovative ways to exchange! We welcome Autumn Rooney from the Echo Park Time bank, Micki Krimmel from Neighborgoods, and Jared Krause of tradeya. As usual, the event is free and we will have some time for networking before and after with snacks.

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Custom forms

At the risk of putting this in the wrong place, I'd like to know if any one can point me to how I can alter standard "create content" forms. I've been stymied for a couple of months trying to do this to test some ideas for a community portal that provides mutual credit services. Thanks.

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Time Banking-Community Weaver 2.0 code available-Code Sprint?

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all got back safely from Drupalcon!

For those of you who attended the "Banking on Drupal" meetup at Droplabs in February, I wanted to let you know that Time Banks USA has made the code for Community Weaver 2.0 available on the Action Hub,

There are over 300 Timebanks nation-wide using Community Weaver 2.0. You can preview the interface here,

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