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Web Developer | UCSF School of Pharmacy

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Drupal/PHP Programer/Analyst position at UC San Francisco

The UCSF School of Pharmacy is looking a Drupal & PHP developer (or someone great with troubleshooting, APIs, and Frameworks) to fill a Programmer/Analyst II position. Go beyond basic site building and build interconnected systems and collaborate on cross-department tools. Be a part of UCSF's burgeoning Drupal community as we also contribute to Open Source and campus-wide projects.

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Custom To-Do list / skill-tree type module for new website | PantherCorps

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[UPDATE] I've already found a programmer. Thanks Drupal!

Hello Everyone!

I need a custom module made for a drupal 6.x website that I am developing. Should be a quick project for someone who has made a few custom modules before and feels really comfortable with PHP. The basis for this module is a basic To-Do list with tons more features. An even better way to look at it would be a 'skill tree' like you would see in any RPG.

Here are the features I am going to need:

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