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Twenty Eleven theme for Wordpress 3.2

Anyone spotted the demo for the Twenty Eleven theme for Wordpress 3.2 -

I think its worth us tearing this apart and looking at the ideas they have bought in, I've only played with it briefly and its pretty nice actually. That said my initial impression was not so favorable (omg this is lame), however the more I play around with and uncover its various features the more I like it.

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Icon Resource

I have trouble finding icons sometimes for my designs. Thought this might be of help...

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25 beautiful Drupal themes

From many sides I hear that Drupal sites and themes are ugly, which is partly true, but I took a closer look at themes and handpicked 25 best designed Drupal 6 themes, to prove that Drupal can be beautiful even using standard themes that you can find on website.

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