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Seeking Drupal developer for social network | richier

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Part time
Employment type: 

Looking for a freelance Drupal developer for a social network in the Dallas, Tx area.


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Graphic Webdesigner |

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Part time
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Insightshare - a participatory video organisation.
We are creating a global portal to bring together people using participatory video. This mans community, collaborative video, concerned with the process as well as the product at the end.

We are linked to filmforge, transmission and have large partners such as the Global Diversity Foundation and sections of the UN, as well as many small communities and organisations

The main focus of the portal will be the videos and the creators and owners of the videos - the communities.

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Drupal Developer | Executive Council

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Not allowed

The Executive Council is a membership org for senior business leaders. We are looking for a savvy Drupal developer to take us to the next level. We have new web site designs, sitemap and site framework and need you to do the dev work. We also need help developing a video microsite.

Please email me at for more info.

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RIP Bloomstreet one of the biggest German Drupal sites and probably the biggest German social network built with Drupal was closed a few days ago.
Bloomstreet was certainly not shut down because it was built with Drupal, but, as was reported by German media, venture capitalist Bertelsmann was discontent with Bloomstreet's growth.

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BabelUp: a community for social change

BabelUp is a social network for social activism. That is, it's a fun community to hang out in with friends and discuss global issues. BabelUp hosts forums, user blogs, image galleries, real-time chatting, groups, calendars, and lots of other features you'd expect to find in a well-designed (hopefully) social network.

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How to organize the "university-department-major-year"

Hi everyone.

I'm building a student community and is blocked by this issue: how should I organize the student's profiles according to the "university-department-major-year" logic.

In fact, I'm looking for both the logic and the technique.

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What modules are the best to use on Drupal 6 for a Social Network?

Just wondering, what modules are the best to use on Drupal 6 for a Social Network? The ones posted by Huitalk are mostly for 5.x...

Any help appreciated.

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Building a New Social Network - Any advice for first-time configuration?

I am looking into using Drupal for a new social network aimed at professional and collegiate athletes (NBA, NFL, NCAA, etc.) which will allow them to connect with their fanbase which will also have access to the site membership. The requirements (whick my first platform choice, Elgg, did not adequately meet -- which, in turn, led me to Drupal by recommendation) are to have several different user types related to the industry including fans, teams, universities and career managers (or athlete agents, if you will).

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Modules for Social Networks

I'm going to create a Social Network based on Drupal. It's my first time that I use Drupal and I'm impressed with the high quantity of modules. There are a lot of modules for each subject (i.e. image gallery, blog, etc). Now I've got a problem because I don't know which are the most useful modules to build a Social Network.

Could you tell me which are the indispensable modules to create a Social Network with Drupal? or which is the best module in a concrete subject?

Thanks in advance.

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Graduation project about integration of social networking sites in Drupal + new module

Hello Drupal community,

Who am I?
I'm a 24 year old Belgian student communication multimedia design. I'm a webdesigner, with more graphical skills than technical.
This (scholar) year I combine a 4/5 job with my graduation project.

Graduation project + investigation

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