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ELMS Style Guide Released!

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D8 Core Style Guide (Icons)

This discussion seeks to expand on existing discussions and activities to define guidelines for the Human Interface of Drupal 8.x

The genesis of this discussion is an observation that the current User Interface Standards don't provide any guidance on this subject.

It appears there are a couple of new use cases for icons within the Drupal UI related to the following;

  • Dialog Boxes
  • Toolbar Module
  • Overlay

I believe we can expand on the existing documentation and provide core developers and UI designers with important standards.

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Module development guidelines and checklists

Drupal 7 has introduced a much better user experience, especially for site builders and content administrators. The much clearer separation between backend and frontend is one example from a long list of improvements.

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Free Website Style Guide Photoshop Template

If you are a website designer, you probably know that having a clear and well prepared style guide can save an enormous amount of time for developer and save the designer from having to explain the design details over and over. That’s why I have created a blank website style guide template. I hope it will enable designers to speed up their design process and bring more beautiful designs to our community.

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