Testing and Quality Assurance

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

Welcome to the group for the plumbers who keep the community plumbing from leaking. ;)

Testing frameworks such as SimpleTest and Selenium, automated testing, and general community QA initiatives are all on-topic here.

Manual testing is also totally on-topic.

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Jenkins plugin

Here is a Jenkins plugin to automate code reviews and tests on Drupal: https://github.com/fengtan/drupal-plugin

Code review is based on Coder Review ; tests are based on core Simpletest.

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Plan for upcoming D8 Accelerate sprint on DrupalCI (Modernizing Testbot Initiative)

Next week, an international conglomeration of awesome folks will convene in Portland, Oregon for a D8 Accelerate-funded sprint on DrupalCI: Modernizing Testbot Initiative.

The main aim of DrupalCI is to rebuild Drupal's current testbot infrastructure (which is currently powered by an aging Drupal 6 site) to industry-standard components such as Jenkins, Docker, and so on, architected to be generally useful outside of Drupal.org. See Nick Schuch's Architecting DrupalCI at DrupalCon Amsterdam blog post for more details.

The goal is to end the sprint with an "MVP" product on production hardware, with integration to Drupal.org, which can be used to demonstrate a full end-to-end D8 core ‘simpletest’ test run request from Drupal.org through to results appearing on the results server.

You can read and subscribe to the sprint hit-list issue to get an idea of who's going to be working on what, and the places where you too can jump in (see the much longer version for more details).

This is a particularly important initiative to help with, since it not only unblocks Drupal 8 from shipping, it also makes available awesome new testing tools for all Drupal.org projects!

Go Team! :)

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Drupal 7 Continuous Integration and Testing Workshop's slides

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share the slides from the workshop I gave during the European Drupal Days 2015 in Milan(Italy) with this group as I hope someone might find them interesting or useful :)

Here's the link: https://speakerdeck.com/omissis/drupal-7-continuous-integration-workshop....

Feedbacks and/questions are of course welcome!

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Drupal Code Sprint Day (14th March'15) in Srijan

2015-03-14 11:00 - 18:00 Asia/Kolkata

Hello Drupalers,

After successful completion of Global Code Sprint at Kelton Tech (Kudos to them) ,we have planned next Code Sprint in Delhi at Srijan Technologies. This code sprint would not be specific to Drupal 8 ,those who are interested in Drupal 7 are most welcomed.Please consider this post as an invitation to be a part of the day.Please find the Venue details:

Event Date- 14th March


8D, Vandana building, 11 - Tolstoy road,
Connaught place, Delhi-110001, INDIA,


Aman: +91-9958133235 (aman.k@srijan.in)
Manauwar: +91-9711725816 (manauwar@srijan.in)

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Integration Testing Framework for Drupal

We have created an integration testing framework for Drupal based on PHPUnit. It simplifies creating and maintaining integration tests for Drupal. It understands Drupal so a lot of tedious tasks are done by it in the background and the developer can concentrate on just testing business logic.

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Drupal Continuous Integration Tools

Hi guys!
I wanted to share something I published today: http://drupalignite.com.
Basically it's a tool and a set of practices to setup a Drupal environment under a full Continuous Integration cycle using some well-known tools as drush, phing, composer and jenkins for the build phase, phpunit and behat for the testing and features and migrate for keeping everything (structure and data) in a code driven development shape.
I published the introduction, the following chapters will be published in the next months!
You can find the code on github: https://github.com/omissis/drupal-ignite

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Tests failing after a core patch changed the database

Hi all

I've just committed a patch (http://drupal.org/node/1495510) to the core Taxonomy module. The patch includes an addition of a database column. The automated tests fail, seemingly because the database that the tests are being run on doesn't have the extra field: http://qa.drupal.org/pifr/test/373168

Is that what's happening? If not, what's going on? Is there a way to make the tests pass?


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[DrupalCamp Spain 2012] Conociendo Symfony 2 a través de TDD

2012-10-21 12:00 - 15:30 UTC

(Taller que se desarrollará en la Drupal Camp Spain 2012)

En este taller resolveremos una kata sencilla con el ciclo típico de TDD pero desde una perspectiva outside-in (BDD).

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Automated testing of clicking in a Google map in a Drupal site?

I'm writing up a bunch of tests as scenarios in Behat/Mink for an application written in D7 that has a gmap/Google map as its central purpose. I want to automate at least one test of clicking on a map pin to see if a popup window appears.

Unfortunately this map's pins don't have a standard A HREF link which would get detected by "follow" or "press" -- at least that I can tell. The pin markup looks like:

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PHPUnit for Drupal 6 ( and soon 7)

Hi Folks, I'm working in a module to run Unit Tests in Drupal with PHPUnit.

Actually the project is in a Sandbox state and is current development, but I wanna receive some feedback, opinion, suggestions, critics, features request, etc.

If anyone is interested in more data please put in contact with me.


Thanks and Regards

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Testing complex node access logic


I try to create an automated test for my drupal 7 site to test my rather complex access logic. I am using features, git and drush and a couple of shell scripts for staging. Works great.

My site involves a node access control based on several facts. I wrote a custom module (actually a feature) to create the workflow rules (other workflow module were not fitting my needs)

  • workflow_state (custom field)
  • workflow history
  • global roles
  • organic group roles
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Testing your upgrade path

Hi all,

I wrote a blog post about testing contributed modules' upgrade and update paths:


As I haven't found a lot of information about this on the web, any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'd also like to know if any of you do this, and how you go about it.



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Help me build the ultimate QA checklist (module)

Some of you may be familiar with the QA Checklist module. (Try a demo.) It provides a list of modules to install and best practices to follow when building and deploying a Drupal site, and it tracks your progress against it. It's kind of a pre-flight checklist, and though somewhat rudimentary, it's helpful—especially for inexperienced site builders.

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Drupal QA cheklist

I make checklist, but i don't confident this list is right,

Drupal QA
Load & Performance

check functional on server phpmail, and other functions and apps for server
check watchdog
check version module drupal.org on site.
test developer modules (write test by simple test).
Automated Functional Testing Selenium , Windmill etc

check configure on server (rewrite for module, files private etc), security file permission
check security review, (drupal module)
delete files in “/”

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Drupal Unit Testing over Windows

Hi there, I'm using Windows 7, IIS, PHP 5.3.10 nts running with FastCGI, SQL Server 2008 R2 with PDO 2.0 drivers for windows to run Drupal.

I'm suffering a very slow behavior running the Drupal Tests, never ends to run the tests, the others parts of the site works fine.

Any thought about what may is happening ?

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Jenkins and Phing templates for continuous integration

We've been working on implementing continuous integration for our projects to improve code quality. In the process we've built two templates which should make it easy to setup CI for new projects and want to share these with the community. Hopefully you'll find it useful!

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Behavior Driven Development with Drupal – Behat module released

Hi there Testing group!

I'm happy to announce the release of the Behat integration module which allows developers to write tests for a Drupal site (or module) in "BDD"-style. BDD is a methodology for writing software features "outside in", i.e. using plain language to describe a feature's behavior first and the actual test code second. Find more information on BDD at http://bdd.alexo.it.

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Testing integration with non-dependencies

Hi all,

Say I have a module A, which has some features which work with module B, but module B is not a dependency.

To test said features, I create a whole new "Test A B" module whose sole purpose is to have module A and module B as a dependency, and run tests against features which require both. "Test A B" module is stored in the "tests" subfolder of module A.

Wondering if that's the best approach, and if you are using any others.



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Testing against third-party DB


I am developing module which provides integration with another software. I am using different "target" in settings.php to access DB for this third-party application.

Now if I write test, I need to have this target defined in test case too. Right now I am defining it manually via Database::addConnectionInfo in setUp() method, but this is not portable..

Any ideas how to do such type of testing?


Defining the Drupal 8 testing gate

Hi there, testing team! :)

Back at DrupalCon Chicago, Dries outlined a strategy for Drupal 8 involving a series of "gates" that would help ensure core code quality in a number of different categories: Documentation, Performance, Accessibility, Usability, and Testing. The purpose of gates is to define essentially a set of "checkboxes" which outline the most important aspects to each category, and does so in a way that is both not overwhelming to core developers (list of hoops to jump through is kept as small as possible) and also creates very little additional burden on the team in question (contains sample links to documentation/resources so developers/reviewers can help themselves).

Since we have already traditionally had requirements around documentation, it made sense to start there. Jennifer Hodgdon and some other folks from the documentation team have put together the Documentation gate, which is available at http://drupal.org/node/1203498. What we need is a similar table for each of the other gate areas. And that's where you come in! :D

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