Theme development

This is a special interest group dedicated to improving and expanding the Drupal theme system including theme functions and templates, CSS, markup, and how contrib modules add in their functions, CSS, and markup.

for example, we'll take stock of the location and number of CSS files and discuss if the architecture can be improved through emerging frameworks like Object Oriented CSS.

We will consider the questions "What do themers need from Core in terms of CSS? Module developers? SEO specialists?" and "What's new in CSS? What does Drupal support? What's the roadmap for CSS support?"

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Advanced Drupal Views with Victor Kane & Chris Charlton

2009-03-15 10:00 - 13:30 America/Los_Angeles

Victor Kane & Chris Charlton teach Advanced Drupal Views in Venice, CA.

LA Drupal resident members get a special $50 off (email for bulk ticket pricing).

Learn all the new concepts in the Views 2 module for Drupal, inside and out, even some object oriented design details to take back to work.

Learn about the new architecture in Views 2, learn Relationships, the new user interface, and become a master of the new multiple Display configurations.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW. Hurry, tickets will go fast!

This workshop shows how you'll get the most out of display options like blocks and pages, plus how to theme your views with PHP templates. Take away masterful tips like how to embed views (meaning views within views), and some magical views that only a developer can love.

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What's the closest theme to this look?

Does anyone know if there is a drupal theme that can replicate the look in the intuit website:

I'm just talking about breadcrumbs up: the simple, unostentatious way primary and secondary menus are presented. Yet the color contrast between the two and the use of tabs to highlight the active menu improves usability.

Also a lot of stuff is packed into the header and yet content area starts from relatively high up -- again a plus for usability on small screen.

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Drupal Themer | Agent16

Employment type: 

Agent16 is looking for a Drupal Themer to work on site at Agent16 in New York City.

This is an immediate need.

The person should truly understand how to theme Drupal 6 and not just know CSS.

please email all resumes to

dfinnerty --at-- agnet16 --dot-- com

We ware looking to bring someone on board asap and it is a very public facing project.

We are a direct employer and are not looking for agencies.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Finnerty
Director IT

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Looking for some feedback to what others fight most when developing a new site's theme. Do you spend a majority of time tweaking CSS or PHP with your new theme?

When we develop new sites, all of our theme is built via CSS. I know there are some that "theme" with PHP Hooks etc. My thoughts are there is a grey area to themeing. Meaning, some "theme the output/display of data/fields" and others affect the look and feel of the theme via css. Is there a wrong way or a right way?

Your feedback is welcome!

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Lazy Loading Theme Variables

When a page.tpl.php file is generated all of the variables are populated with content. This includes all the regions, the css and javascript, and everything. Some of these are never used in some themes (e.g., $mission) and some are often rebuilt later like $styles and $scripts.

I propose we lazy load the content in these variables when the variables are called the first time which will typically be in the template files. Since lazy loading is a feature of objects it will mean these variables will be attached to objects.

So, in drupal 6 you theme would have:
print $styles;

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The mystery of the disappearing image...

Has anyone had the issue of an image appearing on one page node and not on another? I have a case where the image:

appears here: with:

but not any of the sub nodes such as here:
etc. with:

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Drupal Theme Developer | Agent16

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We are looking for a strong Drupal theme guru to work on the theme for a Drupal 6.x site. (Major University Site)

We need some one that can hit the ground running and can work on site in NYC (Downtown) with a great team.

If you are a Drupal theme expert and are interested please contact brady (at)


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feedback needed for new company...

I have starting a Drupal theme design company which I hope to launch this upcoming year but I wanted to get some feedback and possible your experiences with buying themes, theme support, quality and so fort. Here are some topics to get our discussion started.

-For professional top quality themes what is the average price you would pay? (per theme and custom theme)
By top quality themes I mean those designs that follow web design procedures (professionally)

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Senior Themer | Binserver

Employment type: 

We're looking for a very skilled themer to aid us in developing a large scale social networking website for academics. There's also an opportunity to build up a long term relationship to work on several other websites we're developing.
Candidates must be very proficient in theming and have at least an intermediate understanding of custom module development. Being an independant player who doesn't need much guidance is a very important asset we're looking for.

In short, these are the requirements:
* Perfect understanding of Drupal 5's theming layer

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Drupal User Interface Guide for Creative Agencies

Is anyone aware of a good guide for creative agencies with regard to creating user interfaces/web site designs that are easly implemented with drupal?'s picture

Voting and Reviews in Theme Categorization

As a preface, this discussion goes along with this wiki page over at the Drupal Redesign Group: Improve Theme Categorization

I've been pondering a voting and a review system for the themes for a while now. For many reasons really, but here is my quick conclusion: it won't work the way most voting systems work. Here is why...

Simply put the reason a voting and review system won't work easily is because of change.

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Allow customizing themes from the UI

I recently posted over here, about a different approach to themeing in Drupal. I wanted to get the opinion of this group, because it is comprised of everybody that would potential be using this concept.

I vote for really hammering out all the ideas, before beginning and not rushing this if you think this is a good idea, or at least the beginning of a good idea. So long story short, I'm thinking Drupal 8.

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Testing the theme system: how? is the perfect example of something completely tweaky that is likely to get broken in the future when some well-meaning person goes through here trying to "optimize" the flow of things. AKA, something we really ought to have automated tests for.

In order to write a proper test, we would need the following:
a) The ability to make hidden themes like we have hidden modules.
b) The ability to enable those themes even though they're not in the UI.

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Selecting a theme for an online community

Hi there,

I have built my first site with Drupal and now need to select a theme. The site is an online community around social media and community management. Can anyone recommend me a few good themes that would be suitable for my site?

Thanks in advance,


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Theme candidate for 7 core : 960 Grid System

This post is related to the project plan to get in a few new themes into Drupal 7 core. It will list some of the pros and cons of using the 960 Grid System. If you didn't know, it's what most might define as a "CSS framework". This specific framework was created by Nathan Smith. He states that it was started before Blueprint. I have mistaken it myself as a Blueprint derivative since it is a very similar system. But they both were inspired I believe by the same sources.

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Theme creator |

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Hello Drupal theme gurus,
My name is Jack and I’m the creator of It’s a cms theme e-store. I am currently looking for template designers that would like to commercialize their creations.

In other words, if you design commercial themes for drupal and would like to sell some of them , do get in touch. is the mail to contact me by.
Thanks again,

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JTemplate - Joomla templates on Drupal

Im working on a templating engine for drupal called Jtemplate. The basic idea is to allow joomla templates to run on Drupal (especially premium templates). The basic is done but now need more of the drupal templates to be rewritten for full integration.
Im looking for 1 - 2 people who would like to help me with its development, programmers only.
If you are interested you can read more about it at my blog , you can check a demo here Jtemplate Demo.

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Theme maintenance page

Is there a how-to/guide/mod to apply a custom theme to the maintenance page? Any help would be appreciated.

Project Plan for a new default Drupal 7 theme

The initial project plan is based on the one from Angie (webchick), our illustrious D7 maintainer, on

Before modifying this project plan, please first read the discussion about this plan below.

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Drupal Theme Developer | Proteanism LLC

Employment type: 

We're a start-up based in DC and we're creating a new social media experience like nothing else on the internet. We need the help of a really talented Drupal theme designer. If you think you can do something like the designs below -- only better -- at a reasonable price, please contact us. Once you sign an NDA, we can give you more information about the project.

Here are some designs we love (and why): -- clean easy interface -- idiot proof interface; large, clear typeface -- small icons in upper, right; speech bubble aesthetic

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