Theme development

This is a special interest group dedicated to improving and expanding the Drupal theme system including theme functions and templates, CSS, markup, and how contrib modules add in their functions, CSS, and markup.

for example, we'll take stock of the location and number of CSS files and discuss if the architecture can be improved through emerging frameworks like Object Oriented CSS.

We will consider the questions "What do themers need from Core in terms of CSS? Module developers? SEO specialists?" and "What's new in CSS? What does Drupal support? What's the roadmap for CSS support?"

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IE 6.0.2900.2180

One of our sites is not functioning in IE 6.0.2900.2180 version!

It throws up a Runtime error

Runtime Error!

The site works perfectly in other versions of IE 6 , IE 7, and Firefox.

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What does a theme developer need from a designer?

I'm having a designer design a theme for me for Drupal. What are the deliverables a Theme developer needs to receive from this designer?

If you are developing a theme, what are the optimal things you want from a designer to make that happen?

thank you


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If Drupal provided a blank base starting theme in D7 would it be more important as a designer that it:

support a resonable amount of web standards based classes for styling purposes
95% (36 votes)
be easier to style for legacy browsers such a IE6
5% (2 votes)
Total votes: 38
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Drupal Security Module Packages

Finally after several weeks of preparation the Drupal Security Module Packages are available.

About the Security Package:

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Displaying fields in tpl files

Displaying fields in tpl files, like the node.tpl.php files, is a common desire to designers/themers. After conversations in IRC, at drupalcon, and in the parking lots of the Internet the common thought is that you need to make calls to something like $node->content['field_FOO']['#XXX']; to get to the information.

I've recently learned that there is an easier way to get to it. According to yched, on of the gurus of CCK and fields, you can use $FIELD_NAME_rendered in your .tpl files where fields are attached. This is true in Drupal 6 CCK and Drupal 7 fields.

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theme fantasy | luca

Employment type: 
Not allowed

I'm looking for someone that has a theme for this site, we would like something fantasy because the theme of the characters are cartoons and manga. those interested and contact me in private.

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GPL icons for Drupal themes

The Acquia Marina theme uses icons in blocks, which presented an interesting challenge for contributing on, since all files must be GPL licensed (PS. the PSD files for Marina are now available for download in our group). Creative Commons licenses don't cut it, which tends to be what icon designers go with when they decide to make free icons available.

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Proposal: New theme file structure to Drupal

Note: This proposal envolved for discussion over Go there to get the background and continue the discussion.

This proposal is designed with following goals in mind:

  • Minimal amount of code changed, most of implementation is just reorganization of existing files
  • Better visibility for Drupal core templates and CSS
  • Clearer separation of functional and aesthetic parts of the theme layer
  • Offering several flexible and clear starting points for themers to build their work on
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Planet-SoC: Looking for a design!

Only local images are allowed.
Planet-SoC will be aggregating content from SoC contributers all over the world in a centralized location. Screencast demonstrations, articles, commits, you name it!

Are you a Drupal designer interested in getting some exposure?

Planet-SoC is looking for a unique theme to make Drupal stand out!

If you think you can help us with a design, please leave a comment or contact me or Alex UA!

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Wishlist for Theme/Design Contest

This is a proposal for a contest to promote Drupal theming and design.


  • Get more beautiful themes into Drupal
  • Get the designer and theming community involved
  • Showcase Drupal theming done right
  • Increase awareness of Drupal

What to call it:

The Drupal 2009...

  • Theming and Design Contributions
  • Theming and Design Initiative
  • Design Contest
  • Theming Contest
  • Design Challenge
  • Theming Challenge


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8-10 Drupal Themers | South Central Media

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

South Central Media is seeking 8-10 theme developers to work approximately 15-25 projects a month starting the first half of April. If you are an experienced themer or even just starting out as a themer and you are interested in doing low complexity theme implementations from fully comped PSD files, please contact me immediately!

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Was the Design Issue Queue a pipe dream?

At Drupalcon 2009 in Washington, the Drupal design community were asked to become active participants in contributing feedback to the Drupal project.

mfer was kind enough to give members of the Design for Drupal (D4D) Group a tour of how we could provide feedback through the Issue Queue. As a matter of fact, we were shown a version of the issue queue in which any project could be flagged as "needs design review".

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Theming Contest

We need a theme contest. It's been talked about many times over the past few years. I give you the previous attempts...,,,

I think these attempts have failed due to lack of funding, support and clear organization. I want to get the ball rolling on this. Please reply with your ideas and comments. Here are my ideas I'm tossing around.

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DrupalCamp Copenhagen may 2009

2009-05-22 (All day) - 2009-05-24 (All day) Europe/Copenhagen
Event type: 
User group meeting

DrupalCamp copenhagen in may is gonna be a blast!

Planned Higlights for the weekend:
* Friday night install party - so come by and get you laptop tuned up, and party with the geeks nerds & designers
* Code Development
* Nerdy presentations
* geeky presentations
* Frontend presentations
* Documentation & Drupal Understanding
* Noobs & übergeeks united!
* ----------------------
* Theming & design in drupal - will carry on the d4d momentum from DC/DC
* Why do front end html lovin geeks hate drupal?
* carry on the d7 discussion - how should drupal work

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CSS subystem design (was: CSS reset in core?)

I posted a preliminary patch over issue queue to stir a discussion whenever we need CSS reset in core and how core CSS setup -- file structure, rulesets etc -- should look like in D7. reset.css proposal is could be the first step in having decent CSS framework in core -- or if that is not gonna happen, just enforce some sensible CSS practices.

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D7: Future of color.module [Important]

We need your input here!

Do you think color.module should be apart of core? If so, should it be upgraded from its current state?

Do you find the color.module is tedious or complex? Do you find it beneficial to simple themes? To advanced ones?

Also, for D7, I'm proposing the idea of an open styling system in addition or replacement to color.module. This styling system would allow themers to create prerendered skins and also accept skins from the files layer (meaning it can use color.module schemes).

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Developer | SEOecom

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Looking for a German speaking Drupal developer. The selected candidate will be required to travel onsite and train a group of people.

The developer will be supported by a team of other developers to create and build a website in V 6.x.

More details to the right candidate. Please ping me if interested and we can discuss more details.

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Advanced Drupal Views with Victor Kane & Chris Charlton

2009-03-15 10:00 - 13:30 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Victor Kane & Chris Charlton teach Advanced Drupal Views in Venice, CA.

LA Drupal resident members get a special $50 off (email for bulk ticket pricing).

Learn all the new concepts in the Views 2 module for Drupal, inside and out, even some object oriented design details to take back to work.

Learn about the new architecture in Views 2, learn Relationships, the new user interface, and become a master of the new multiple Display configurations.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW. Hurry, tickets will go fast!

This workshop shows how you'll get the most out of display options like blocks and pages, plus how to theme your views with PHP templates. Take away masterful tips like how to embed views (meaning views within views), and some magical views that only a developer can love.

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What's the closest theme to this look?

Does anyone know if there is a drupal theme that can replicate the look in the intuit website:

I'm just talking about breadcrumbs up: the simple, unostentatious way primary and secondary menus are presented. Yet the color contrast between the two and the use of tabs to highlight the active menu improves usability.

Also a lot of stuff is packed into the header and yet content area starts from relatively high up -- again a plus for usability on small screen.

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Drupal Themer | Agent16

Employment type: 

Agent16 is looking for a Drupal Themer to work on site at Agent16 in New York City.

This is an immediate need.

The person should truly understand how to theme Drupal 6 and not just know CSS.

please email all resumes to

dfinnerty --at-- agnet16 --dot-- com

We ware looking to bring someone on board asap and it is a very public facing project.

We are a direct employer and are not looking for agencies.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Finnerty
Director IT

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