Theme development

This is a special interest group dedicated to improving and expanding the Drupal theme system including theme functions and templates, CSS, markup, and how contrib modules add in their functions, CSS, and markup.

for example, we'll take stock of the location and number of CSS files and discuss if the architecture can be improved through emerging frameworks like Object Oriented CSS.

We will consider the questions "What do themers need from Core in terms of CSS? Module developers? SEO specialists?" and "What's new in CSS? What does Drupal support? What's the roadmap for CSS support?"

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Full time, contract to hire Front range / Aspen | Blue Tent Marketing LLC

Employment type: 
Full time

Available to start immediately...

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drupal theme 6.x development | catavo

Employment type: 

full theme development for a non-for profit group that is moving into a drupal 6.x environment. current site is out of date and we are moving into drupal, hence the need/want to redevelop an entire theme. We have a logo and print that we want the theme to be built around. please contact for more info.
here are itemized of what we are looking for
- I am interested in updating a current theme (your choice) rather than develop a theme from scratch.
(its for a non-profit org) ;)

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Themer | MR Paintball

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

A nice little project for a high quality Drupal theme designer.

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Looking for Good Resources for Drupal 6 Themes

Hey Theme Gurus,
I'm a theme newbie looking for good how-to resources for the theme engine in Drupal 6. I'm just starting to learn PHP, but I've been web programming with other modern OO languages for the past 10 years. I've hacked around with some of the themes freely available on to try to learn it myself, but it's proving to be a little overwhelming.

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Theme system improvements

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CS4 Party site launched with Zen Theme

Earlier this week I launched to promote the celebration our Los Angeles Adobe User Groups are holding for Adobe. I used Strata 3D, exported to H.264 video which I converted to FLV with Flash CS3, and made a SWF header to play and loop the FLV video. Zen was used entirely, so I have a cs4party sub-zen-theme that is literally my first public Zen theme, ever. FYI, the site is Drupal 6.

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Theme Configuration options are

..really nice. They allow me to build a theme that I can alter from Drupals admin area.
45% (10 votes)
...quite alright. But I use only the core settings in my themes.
23% (5 votes)
...nice. I extend them all the time.
0% (0 votes)
...a thing I always forget. In my theme toggling "search box" has no result at all.
5% (1 vote)
...a feature I could do without. When I build my HTML I decide what to print; and when that changes, I change my HTML.
27% (6 votes)
Total votes: 22
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CSS Debugger/Theming Guru | Parents Magazine

Employment type: 

I have a fairly specific request for a CSS/theming guru looking for a quick freelance project. We need someone to do CSS debugging and cross-browser compatibility work. The pay will be competitive.

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Which i can use theme?

I only can layout frontpage. I a newbie drupal. i want a theme like image blow:
I use drupal 5.x . I try use a few theme framework.. but i can't modify like theme in images.
Can you help me?

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Lists or Portfolios of Good E commerce / Ubercart Themes?

Does anyone know of any place to get free or paid e commerce themes? I'd like to have a list of "templates" so to speak to show people who are interested in doing e commerce with drupal and ubercart.


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How much of the theme development time do you spend solving problems in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6 rendering bugs)?

< 5% of total time spent converting theme project to drupal theme
18% (8 votes)
5-10% of total time spent converting theme project to drupal theme
36% (16 votes)
10-20% of total time spent converting theme project to drupal theme
14% (6 votes)
20-30% of total time spent converting theme project to drupal theme
23% (10 votes)
> 30% of total time spent converting theme project to drupal theme
9% (4 votes)
Total votes: 44
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Workflow for engaging designers/themers in core patch reviews?

At Drupalcon Szeged, I had some discussions with the documentation team and the usability team regarding workflow for getting their feedback injected early into the core development process. I'd like to start a similar discussion here with you folks.

Drupal 7 with its code freeze date of "When it's ready" represents a great opportunity for us all to collectively "kick it up a notch." Key to this is involving many more people in the core development process than we normally have. There are always several relatively minor core patches that affect themers in the queue at any given time, such as add $node_classes to node templates, as well as huge, over-arching efforts such as administration theme in core.
But unfortunately, a lot of these patches stagnate and die, because designers have not traditionally been a group of people that we've served particularly well. I'd like to see that changed.

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CSS Coding Standards

Hi all,
I'm at the documentation sprint.
I would like to propose some CSS coding standards, to accompany the PHP coding standards, along with the proposed Javascript standards.

I've added a handbook page at
Discussion should be in this thread, and the handbook page updated as necessary.

Stella, the Coder module maintainer, has promised to add this to Coder module, once the dust settles on the dissussion.

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Color.module demo

Hi, I wanted to point you guys to a demonstration of color.module I am working on. - You should be able to get to try it as 'user' and 'admin', and play around with the scheme functionality.

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Drupal Themer - CSS expert | Sony Music

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Sony Music is looking for an experienced, full-time, on site Drupal Themer.

The Sony offices are in midtown Manhattan. The company offers competitive
salaries and a comprehensive benefits package.


  • Working with a team of Drupal developers, themers and administrators to
    create compelling and cutting edge web sites and web applications

  • Converting graphical comps into Drupal themes - includes graphics production/optimization, heavy CSS, some php, some jquery

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Do you use Adobe Dreamweaver in your Drupal workflow?

Yes, for theme design.
22% (39 votes)
Yes, for module development.
1% (1 vote)
Yes, for both module and theme development.
17% (30 votes)
I don't use Dreamweaver.
61% (109 votes)
Total votes: 179
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New default theme for D7

How about thinking about this.
Garland has had its time, and it starts to really hurt my eye.
Sure going for a recolorable theme is a given necessity.

I opt for Pixture, as I see it is very popular, and also because it looks "Joomly" (this may be a reason for people to NOT use it, I know ;) )
In is actual edition it has layout tables, but I'm working on this flaw with someone. Sure I'm not totally out of hunger for personal fame, but more importantly this would get away from the "Drupal looks like Garland" opinion.

Maybe this is already discussed and I'm only missing it?

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Stylish Userstyle for Drupal's CVS Repository

Hey All,

I created a Userstyle for with Firefox (and the Stylish plugin), and I wanted to share it with the community. If you're interested, you can download/install it here: Before and after screenshots are also attached.

For those who don't know what "Stlyish" is, it's a Firefox plugin that allows you to change the appearance of any website/page, by overriding the CSS. You can download it here:

Enjoy :)

Drupal development across India

Hello there,
If you or your organization is developing in Drupal, please list yourself here. The aim of this post is to prepare a list of the organizations which are working on Drupal CMS. Thus if we want to organize a major event like Drupalcon in India in future, it helps us a lot to co-ordinate between all the organizations developing in Drupal.

Thank you.
How about organizing 'Drupalindia -0x' (x--year, of course!)
start listing yourself here, below this.

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Drupal color swatches for Adobe Creative Suite software

If you find yourself needing the official Drupal logo colors for your favorite Adobe design software then download free color swatch sets. Color swatches for Adobe Fireworks/Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and even InDesign are available for download for free.

Download the Drupal color swatch sets for Adobe software at XTND.US.

Fireworks (and Dreamweaver)

Photoshop (and InDesign)

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