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I'm a Toronto-based Drupal Specialist, primarily focusing on site building, system architecture & design, theming & front-end development, content strategy and project management.

I've been working with Drupal for more than 7 years.

I was recently profiled by the Drupal Association as a Drupal Master in their Drupal Personas series.

I provide leadership and organizational time to the Toronto Drupal community as one of the directors of the non-profit Toronto Drupal User Group. Since 2006, we've organized monthly Drupal meetups, conferences, code sprints and other educational events for the Toronto Drupal community.

I've also presented sessions about the upcoming Drupal 8 release at international Drupal conferences in Kyoto (Japan), Toronto, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Columbus (Ohio), Detroit, as well as at several Drupal user group meetups in the Toronto area.

Apart from Drupal, I'm also an active photographer with media appearances on: ABC News, BuzzFeed, The Weather Channel, The Daily Mail, The Canyons (starring Lindsay Lohan), and many more.

I'm also learning Japanese and have an unhealthy obsession with guitars. :)


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