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I learned to program in the 1970s, when computers were steam powered. I've focused on the Web since the turn of the century, Drupal since about 2007.

I've been a professor for most of my career. Teaching programming, Web, DB, other stuff. I'm not so good at aesthetics, but would like to get better. Any suggestions?

Things I love: my family, kids, dogs, Buffy, Firefly, Borderlands, Vegemite.


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There are many Web sites and tools for authoring textbooks: iBooks Author, Flat World Knowledge, etc. Good tech, but there's a fundamental flaw in their specs. They're based on an obsolete view of learning.

Education researchers have shown how we can help students learn STEM skills (STEM: science, tech, engineering and math). Deep learning, formative feedback, other things. We need to redesign authoring software based on these research findings.

That's what the Dolfinity project is about. It has three parts:

  1. A guide to designing skill courses based on learning science research. The document improves as we learn more about learning.

  2. A Drupal distro to help anyone create dolfins. Dolfins are Web sites that replace textbooks and lectures. "Dolfin" is an acronym for research-based practices: Deep learning, Outcome-based Learning,
    Formative feedback, Interaction with experts, and Nudging students.

  3. A community, to (1) improve the guide and the software, and (2) help people make dolfins.

Dolfinity is designed for courses in programming, statistics, etc. But we could also make dolfins that help people learn Drupal. The Dolfinity Way promotes effective/efficient learning, as well as effective/efficient authoring. Dolfinity would help us make the best use of the community's scarce training resources.

Dolfinity has a different goal from the ELMS distro, from the amazing btpro, Drupalista Extraordinaire. Dolfinity would borrow shamelessly from ELMS, however.


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