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Luís Pedro Algarvio
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Hello! Bonjour! Olá! Hola! Ciao! Ahoj! Kon'nichiwa!

I'm Luís Pedro Algarvio and You have just reached my personal page. Care to sit a bit and read, for while I am just another person in this world, You may find something here that may be of interest.

I have experience working on the Information Technologies industry, usually having roles related with the web, such as playing as a Drupal Specialist, Web Developer and Linux Administrator, particularly Debian... but recently I've been also working again in Project Management, and doing Customer Relations and IT support. I also have some history as an IT Field Technician.

In the programming field, I enjoy working with modern tools and methodologies such as SCSS, Git and Agile, using them extensively in most projects I come across.
Likewise, as a sysadmin I also employ powerful tools, like Webmin/Virtualmin, Git and shell scripting, frequently combining secure LAMP stacks with High Performance setups - this guarantees that all applications I setup are capable, well performing and stable.

My biggest clients have been FEDICT, the Belgium's Information and Communication Technology Federal Public Service; Museu Coleção Berardo (MCB), a well known art museum and collection; and Agenda Cultural de Lisboa (AgendaLX), a guide to all things about culture in Lisbon.
I'm also a key person in the Portuguese Drupal community, where I play a management role for both the community and the assorted sites, tools and social network presence.

Outside Drupal, I'm active on other projects and in the FLOSS community in general.
As an hobby, I've made a presence in the Event Planning industry, mainly working as a Coordinator at Different Day where I oversaw events and a community mostly composed by youth.

I like reading and studying history and technology and enjoy walking, cycling and being at open spaces when there's good weather - which we have a lot in Portugal - and especially nature, which I hold in respect and always try to protect. Whenever I can, I also play some role in activist groups and communities that stand by some ideals, such as freedom, FLOSS, democracy, peace and sustainability.

Keywords: Drupal, Linux, Debian
Nicknames: lpalgarvio, lp.algarvio, LPCA


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