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The Vancouver Drupal Users Group is the local meeting place for Greater Vancouver people interested in Drupal. We were formerly known as the Vancouver League of Drupalers, but that's a long story. We generally meet once a month (typically the 4th Thursday) on a variety of topics, both technical and non-technical. There is no cost to join the group or attend our monthly meetings.

We have a sister group in the Lower Mainland, the Surrey Drupal Users Group that meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Many people are members of both groups.

2015 PNWDS Online Registration is Open

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2015 Pacific NW Drupal Summit - Seattle - Oct 10-11
Be sure to reserve your hotel room ASAP!

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Twitter and IRC

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Hey all -

Just another PSA here, to let everyone know there's now a Twitter account set up if you want to follow for meetup reminders, etc. at The group admins all have access to the password, and if one of us gets fancy, we'll set up some kind of hashtag retweeter system.

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Recent Posts

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You may be aware of the newest version of module 'Devel' (6.x-1.16)

Hi Guys,
You may be aware the newest version of module 'Devel' (6.x-1.16) if you'd like to update the module. There is at least one conflict with 'Administration Menu' module as far as I found.
They changed the menu links to arrays from strings, so you would always have an error message like

preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in ...\sites\all\modules\admin_menu\ on line 244.
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Contract Design and Development | Teligence

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

I'd like a proposal on redesign and Drupal development for and Work will be completed in conjunction with our internal development team.

The sites have been wireframed and our requirements spec is complete.

We are interested in a preliminary meeting immediately, and are requesting proposals by April 24. We would like to launch the new sites in June of this year.

If you are interested in quoting on this work, please contact me at or 604.629.6055 x 3435.

Shantel Shave
Online Marketing Manager

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Backup files directory to S3

Thought someone in Vancouver must have implemented this before...

I need a tool to sync a copy of Drupal's files directory with S3. Backup and Migrate seems to allow me to save regular copies of my database to S3 (though I haven't tested it yet) . Is there a similar tool for files? In this case, I'd like to just keep the latest snapshot, similar to rsync.

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How to Export MySQL DB in UTF-8?


I have a test Drupal web site.
The majority of the content is in slovak language.
I have created a story with title: Test of slovak charakters in Title (ľ,š,č,ť,ž,ý,á,í,é,ú,ä,ô,Ľ,Š,Č,Ť,Ž,Ý,Á,Í,É,Ú)
I have entered this story by going to Administer/Create Content/Story, switching my keyboard to SK - slovak (Slovakia) and typing the slovak characters.
Look at

I need to export the Drupal DB.

My ISP does not offer MyPhpAdmin, so I had to write my own php scripts to export MySql table structures and data.

The script:

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need help with menu URLs for listings editor role

I am building a realtor site with Drupal. The property listing module from works great!

I have a question about setting up a specific menu for the realtor to edit listings.

I set up a user role for the realtor to add/modify/delete property listings and blog entries. I also set up a menu

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LinuxFest Northwest - Sign up NOW!

LinuxFest Northwest is coming up soon -- April 25-26 in Bellingham,

We are planning to hold a mini-DrupalCamp at LinuxFest -- see for format.

However, deadlines are approaching! Only a few people (from Vancouver I think?) have signed up to give formal talks on Saturday (Jakob assures me that even though the deadline is past, if you sign up now (4/8), you can still get in). Please do so if you want to give a formal talk on Saturday.

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