VoIP Drupal

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We are building a highly innovative framework that integrates Drupal sites with touch tone phones, SMS and Internet-telephony systems.

Our goal is to create a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) platform that interoperates with existing VoIP PBX implementations (Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Tropo, Twilio and others) to provide Drupal users with the ability to, among other things:

* Record, send and receive audio messages
* Create and manage audio groups
* Add audio events to a shared calendar
* Organize phone-based polls
* Send meeting reminders
* Collect stories
* Broadcast emergency announcements
* And much more!

VoIP Drupal will change the way you interact with Drupal, your phone and the web! Join our LinkedIn group and learn more about VoIP Drupal at the VoIP Drupal project page, the VoIP Drupal Handbook and the demo site.

If you have any pressing questions, please leave them here or get online support at #drupal-voip (FreeNode IRC). Our IRC Office Hours are usually on Wednesdays @ Noon EST.

The VoIP Drupal team

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What stage is this in right now? What are the next steps?

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