Web Experience Management

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

The battle to "engage" site visitors is on. Gone is the day where a CMS just helps you create pages that you hope visitors read & consume. Today your site must provide extraordinary visitor experiences that cause them to take the action you want - from buying to reading to playing - and measure the effectiveness of the experience so you can improve it as needed.

Improving site engagement must be simple. Making it simple in Drupal requires a variety of Drupal component parts to be assembled - and a few gaps filled.

This is a Drupal Group devoted to assembling those components. Many of the relevant Drupal components have their own individual projects on drupal.org or groups here on g.d.o. But this group is an umbrella where we combine those activities with our own in one place to get a singular view of the problem, and the Drupal solution.

Core Context UX

We're exploring user interface design solutions for these two site builder workflows:

Todo: review itangalo's sketches

1. If we have a path of node/$nid, a node type of Student, a Language of German, a browser type of Safari Mobile, and it's Thursday, use response controller X and layout Y.

2. We have this thing here called layout Y. I want to put blocks in it that will render stuff based on context and configuration.

& As merlinofchaos outlines it:

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