Aegir hosting system

The Aegir Project has moved.

This Drupal group is no longer actively used.
To get involved and learn more about Aegir, you should go to our community site,
which also contains our official documentation section and the official discussion group.

The old posts and documentation are still available in the old discussion tab.

Aegir is a set of Drupal modules that helps you maintain your Drupal sites.
It does this by providing you with a simple Drupal based hosting front end for your entire network of sites. To deploy a new site you simply have to create a new Site node. To backup or upgrade sites, you simply manage your site nodes as you would any other node.

In Norse mythology, Ægir was the god of the oceans and if Drupal is a drop of water, Ægir is the deity of large bodies of water.

What do I need to run Aegir?

  • A system capable of running Drupal: This system is entirely Drupal based, and has the same base requirements that Drupal does.
  • A unix based operating system: The majority of functionality in this system occurs in the back-end, through command line scripting. There are also several features (such as symlinks), that are not available to users on Windows. There are no plans currently to add windows support.
  • Your own server: The level of access required to be able to configure this system is very far beyond what is commonly available to users with shared hosting.

Where can I learn more about Aegir

More documentation is available on the Aegir project handbook and our community site.

How can I get involved in the project

  • Be sure to check out the discussion section of our community site.
  • If you want to communicate directly with us, join us on the IRC server in the #aegir channel.

Quick links

Important sites :

Aegir is also made of multiple Drupal projects and modules, be sure to check those out!

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