Guidelines for Forming New Drupal Groups

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Note about Translations∶ If you are working on a translation you should use the groups on; You should not create a group here, unless you only need a regional/language group here to announce/coordinate events.

Group moderation is performed by volunteers, who follow these Guidelines. They work the list periodically. It can take between a day and weeks to approve a group; depending on how closely it fits these guidelines.

  (Groups that follow the guidelines closely tend to get approved within a week)


  • Focus∶ The focus of your group should obviously be related with Drupal. We don't host groups that discuss politics, fundraising, and other topics not directly related to Drupal. We discuss ONLY Drupal, exclusively.
  • Look for Similar groups∶ By using any methods below 。。。
    • You can search thru the list =
    • Use the Search engine on the upper right of this site.
    • or Type the name of the Group you plan to make∶ here in lower case or other variations.

    If the group you are proposing has a similar or overlapping focus of an existing group; you must clarify the difference between your group and the existing group(s) on your group's homepage;Under the { Revision Information Log message: }

When you have clear understanding on the kind of group your going to create, and it's not have been made before then complete the form, to propose a new group

  • Title: in ONE (1) or two words that is descriptive of your group. This is going to be the address of the Node, so the shorter the better. All in small case; is the default settings.
    1. No periods and dots.
    2. No Underscores (" _ ").
    3. Other information.
    4. Description: Must be in English. This is the field that shows up below the group name "Title:" that describes the group in the Lists of groups. Make it Clear, to those perspective New comers, for them to decide in joining the/your group.
       Unless you are Restricting it to your Geographical area; using your native language.
    5. Group Type: Your proposed new group should fall into one of these four (4) Categories:
      1. Geographical = for users in a specific city, state, or region.
      2. Working group = coordinating on a feature, module, theme, or other Drupal project.
      3. Distribution = a group developing a specific distribution (installation profile) of Drupal.
      4. Event Planning = established to organize a specific Drupal event for WORLDWIDE invitation; NOT Localized to people present in a specific country, etc... use Geographical.
        • Where most of the audience are relied mostly to the International members that have to Fly-in to attend. (such as the organizing group for a DrupalCon) or Relies heavily on international presence/participation.
        • or Planning an event that doesn't have a Venue and the Location could be outside the country.
      5. Archives = Store your Private Group that is not visible to the listings. Sandbox storage.
    6. Mission statement: Provide a welcome message in the "mission statement". This is the TOP message that will be seen by anyone who comes to your new group's page. It's the First HOME page content message.
      • Use this Guide as a reference in placing/inputting/typing contents of your group. as well as ALL Drupal Postings.
    7. the List in groups directory: I suggest to UNcheck this option 1st; till you finish setting up your Group; and Updated it after you finished your layout and contents.
    8. Group language: the Language Tag/Flag/Marker that is assigned to your group node. For Search Engines and standard language of your group.
    9. Revision information Log message: Since this is the 1st time Posting a Group; i suggest you write the reason why NOT to delete your group at the very 1st sight of it. Think of it as a Message to the Moderators.

    Again Patience∶ Be Patient! the queue of new groups is moderated by volunteers. If your group doesn't fit these guidelines it can double or triple the time to get approved.
    The moderators may follow up with questions or requests for clarification, to ensure that groups with overlap or too-similar missions are not created.


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