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Shuffling of Titles, Change of gdo/Lucknow Manager

I would like to help managing this group to promote other activities in a Lucknow level. There are many things happening in Lucknow in the Drupal world and we believe that now this group does not reflect this reality in its description.

So what I'm looking for is a vote of confidence in me.

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Adding New Administrators

We would like to help managing this group to promote other activities in a Bihar. There are many things happening in Bihar in the Drupal world and we believe that now this group does not reflect this reality in its description.

Would it be possible to add another user as administrator?

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Planning DrupalCamp Goa 2017 ( DrupalCamp on Sand and a beach! )

Hi everyone!

We are planning to organize DrupalCamp Goa which will help us unite and engage the Goa Drupal Community besides having diverse audience and interesting Drupal Sessions in the event.

The Dates in mind are: April 15/16 ( As April 14 is a Public Holiday for most of the organizations in India ).
Let's brainstorm together on the dates, session, logistics and everything else involved and make it a grand success.

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2017-02-25 13:00 - 19:00 Asia/Shanghai
Event type: 
User group meeting



  • 时间:2017-2-25 13:00 – 19:00
  • 地点:上海市黄浦区斜土路768号3楼H座
  • 地铁:4号线:鲁班路站,或者 9号线:打浦桥站




  • 话题1:《漫步全景世界》 - 分享嘉宾:剧中人
  • 话题2:《非竞争意识与DrupalShop的经营》 - 分享嘉宾:刘有辉
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    How to send notifications only for OA team members?

    I have a rule to send an html mail when new content is created, but is not respecting the user permission to access content.

    Is an Open Atrium site that works with OG. I have a space with 7 teams and only team members can view team contents (7 sections asociated to 7 teams). All users have the same role (filter by role is not a solution for me).

    The content type in question have two entity reference fields: group audience and section (one per team).

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    Drupal North Board Election is finally here!!

    What is Drupal North?

    Drupal North is a FREE annual conference focusing on how to make amazing websites with Drupal. Drupal North’s mandate is to showcase Canadian Drupal talent and to business, nonprofit, education, and government audiences.

    In 2015 Drupal North was held in Toronto
    In 2016 Drupal North was held in Montréal

    Drupal North Board Elections

    Drupal North is forming a new governance board and non-profit organization to coordinate and organize the annual Drupal North Summit.

    A number of candidates have been nominated and accepted their nominations.

    The new boards’ mission will be to:

    Create the organization’s bylaws
    Incorporate a new non-profit organization
    Assemble the organizing team and then kick off planning the 2017 event.

    Who Can Vote?

    You can vote if...
    You have a account and
    You have interest in attending, helping, or the success of the event.

    The nominees (in alphabetical order)

    Aidan Foster (nominated for Vice President)
    Experience - I was on the organizing committee for both past Drupal North events. I am the VP of the Drupal Toronto Non-profit that runs local meet-ups. Finally I'm a small business owner so I know how get #%$^@ done ;)

    Pat Gilbert (nominated for President and Vice President)
    I started with Drupal in 2011
    Founding member and current President of the Ottawa Drupal Association
    Involved in organizing/planning Drupal North and now currently working to create this board and implement some governance

    Steve Lavigne (nominated for President and Vice President)
    I have been a developer for 12 years and have been working with Drupal for 3. I am currently the VP of the Ottawa Drupal Association and the Chair and President of Kids & Code. I have the experience needed to succeed.

    Erin Marchak (nominated for Vice President and Treasurer)
    I will bring a new perspective to Drupal North event organization, informed by years of experience in group event management. I’ll also prioritize inclusion of underrepresented groups to help strengthen & grow our community.

    Bill Wu (nominated for Vice President and Treasurer)
    I love Drupal. I like people who are using Drupal. I am willing to contribute something to make it even better.

    Please vote using the polls that are linked below:

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    DrupalCamp Hyderabad 2017

    2017-03-05 09:00 - 17:00 Asia/Kolkata
    Event type: 
    Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

    Drupal Hyderabad community is excited to announce DrupalCamp Hyderabad 2017. Event scheduled on Sunday, March 5th. Full day paid training on Drupal 8 scheduled on March 4th, Saturday.

    Important dates:
    03 Feb 2017: Registration and ticket booking starts
    03 Feb 2017: Call for papers starts
    12 Feb 2017: Call for volunteers and volunteer meet
    15 Feb 2017: Call for papers ends
    20 Feb 2017: Announcement of final schedule of DCH2017
    28 Feb 2017: Registration and ticket booking ends
    04 Mar 2017: Full-day advanced training (paid event)

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    wysiwyg editor site css configuration

    Sorry if this a newbie type question. I have been coding my pages in D7 with a minimal use of a rich text editor, maybe using it to add tables etc. I now have 2 collegues that will be adding page content but they do need a rich text editor as they have minimal knowledge of html. I am going to set up some page layouts for them using Ipsum Lourum type content that they can overwrite.

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    Directly approving applications from "needs review"


    I'm starting to directly approve project applications when I think they are OK from the "needs review" state. I think it is not necessary to do an extra step and let another git admin take a look. It just slows down the approval of applicants yet again and I think we can trust git admins enough to make the decision immediately.

    Let me know what you think and if that might be a bad idea.

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    Global Training Days

    2017-03-17 09:30 - 17:30 Europe/Paris
    Event type: 
    Training (free or commercial)

    Introduction to Drupal 8

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